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If you have registered for courses and change your mind about attending please be sure to drop all classes, and don’t simply assume the school will run a cancellation process absolving you of any charges. You must withdraw from your classes prior to the first day of the semester to avoid tuition and fee drop charges. Any student that does not officially withdraw from classes prior to the start of the term will be charged tuition and fees based upon the University’s academic calendar.

Tuition and Fees Information

All tuition and fees are determined by the City University of New York (CUNY) Board of Trustees and are subject to change without notice. In the event of an increase in the tuition and fee prices, payments already made will be treated as a partial payments. Notification will be given to students concerning the amount owed and the deadline date to pay.

Click here for our tuition calculator.

Tuiiton is charged based upon the following criteria:

  • Residency Status; NY State Resident or Non-NY State Resident
  • Student Status; Undergraduate or Graduate Student
  • Degree Status; Degree Student (Matriculated) or Non-Degree Student (Non-Matriculated)
  • Full-Time Student or Part-Time Status (Some groups pay per credit so please review the table of charges.)
  • Program of Study (Some graduate programs have higher tuition rates.)
  • Number of Credits (As applicable. Some students pay flat rates so please review the table of charges.)

Mandatory Term Fees are charged based upon the following criteria:

  • Full-Time/Part-Time Status
  • Student Status; Undergraduate or Graduate Student
  • Semester

If a student is enrolled full-time and drops to part-time status on or after the first official day of classes, the full-time fee rate is charged. Mandatory fees are non-refundable except for students who drop all their classes prior to the first official day of classes.

The College also charges General Fees for services or special documents. These fees include application fees, re-admission fees, transcript fees, etc.

For a complete listing of all tuition rates and fees, please review the following tables:

For new students who need to pay their commitment deposit, please click this link:    Instructions on how to pay your Commitment Deposit.

For Payment Questions click here.

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