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Meet Your Financial Aid Counselor


Araceli Campos
Assistant to the Director of Financial Aid, 6 years

I work at the front desk, assist students on the phone, answer Macaulay Honor College inquiries and Satisfactory Academic
Progress Checklist (SAP) questions. I enjoy working at Financial Aid because I love helping others. I enjoy being able to assist students or parents when there is a language barrier.

Ashley Rojas
College Assistant, 2 years

I work with the Associate Director of Scholarships to administer scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students. I do my best to assist the counselors with data collection to ensure that students are assisted to the full extent of the Financial Aid Office.
Ashley Wright
Assistant Director of Return of Title IV Funds, 7 years

I am responsible for ensuring that unused federal aid is returned to the Federal government. What I love most about working at Hunter College Financial Aid is meeting new people from all over the world.
Bernice Brown
Office Assistant to the Work Study coordinator

I’ve been in Higher Ed. for 16 years. I assist students with the Federal Work-Study process as well as answering general financial aid inquires. What I love about working in the Office of Financial Aid at Hunter is that my experience here has been enlightening and it inspires me to aid others in achieving their career goals just the same.
Cuong Chung (Michael)
College Assistant, 2 years

I assist the Associate Director of Scholarships with the processing of Hunter College scholarships. I also assist the counselors of the Financial Aid office with the compilation of student financial aid information and generation of summary reports.
Daffodil Dennis
Federal Work-Study Coordinator/Financial Aid Counselor,
25+ years

I counsel students and parents on the phone and in person on
all aspects of the Federal and State programs, review verification documents, and coordinate the Federal Work-Study Program. What I like about working in the Office of Financial Aid at Hunter College is successfully helping students navigate a system that many of them find very intimidating.
Darren Yuen
Front Desk Associate, 1 year

I assist students on the phone as well as the front desk. The best advice I can give to students is to file their FAFSA as early as possible.
Iqraa Naeem
College Assistant

I work with the TAP Certifying Officer in administering the various NYS Grant and Scholarship programs. I enjoy working in the Financial Aid Office because it allows me the opportunity to assist students in achieving their educational goals.
Joy-Ann Hopkins
Associate Director of Financial Aid, Scholarships, 21 years

I administer scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students. I love working in the Office of Financial Aid because I have great colleagues that are hardworking and go the extra mile for students.
Juana Ham
Assistant Director of Financial Aid, 25+ years

I assist students in navigating all aspects of state and federal aid. When I was a student, receiving financial aid allowed me to complete my education.
Katherine Rivera
Pell Coordinator/ Financial Aid Advisor, 10 years

I counsel students at our desk and on the phones, rectify and reconcile Pell discrepancies, update student Lifetime Eligibility Usage (LEU) and Unusual Enrollment History (UEH).
Kevin Nesbitt
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

With a focus on enrollment management, student satisfaction, retention, and success, I oversee Admissions, Recruitment, the Welcome Center and Financial Aid. Financial aid was the key to my success. Without it, I never would have been able to finance my
journey from community college to doctoral work. A career dedicated to working on the behalf of students and faculty in a diverse settings ranging from the Department of Education (NYC), to Columbia University, the New School, John Jay College and presently at Hunter College. My emphasis is on cultivating a culture of cross-trained academic and student affairs professionals engaging in high impact
practices. I currently serve on CUNY vice Chancellor’s Arts and Education Committee.
Luis Ramirez
Assistant Director of Financial Aid and TAP Certifying
Officer, 10 years

I oversee and administer state aid grant and scholarship programs. When I was a student, financial aid helped me learn the importance of meeting deadlines and understand the importance of managing my financial aid and loan funds.
Miriam Perez
Office Manager/Front Desk Associate

I’m responsible for payroll and procurement, front desk, assisting
students on the phone, and making sure the office is ready to open
first thing in the morning. One thing I would like students to know
is that to be up on everything they need to do for financial aid, they
need to check their Hunter email and CUNYfirst To Do List religiously. Being a work-study student in financial aid led me to a full-time job here!
Patricia Donowski
Administrative Assistant to Federal Work Study Coordinator

I’ve been with Hunter College since 1970. I help students with
placement for Work Study. I love working in the Office of
Financial Aid because of the camaraderie and support from other
staff members.
Saundra English
Front Desk Associate, 1 year

I assist students at the front desk, on the phone and through e-mail. I hope to be as helpful, cordial and patient as possible so that students will have a good experience at the office.
Tanisha Mathis
Financial Aid Advisor, 1.5 years

I assist students and their familes to help understand their financial aid options and guide them through the application process. I provide financial aid counseling, perform federal verifications and make progessional judgment decisions regarding student aid eligibility.
Theora Burke
Front Desk Associate, 1.5 years

I assist students with inquiries and concerns. One thing I wished all students knew about Financial Aid at Hunter is that our well-trained staff will find the best solution that will benefit the students.
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