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Transcript Request

Transcript Request Policy and General Information

Please Note: Requests for unofficial transcripts may be processed immediately, however official transcripts cannot be provided 'on the spot.' Transcript requests are usually processed within one week of their receipt. During busy times (end of each semester) it may take as long as three weeks. Transcripts records prior to 1960 are stored off site and will take 2-3 weeks for processing. Please plan ahead and submit your requests at least three weeks before your deadline.

Requests cannot be taken by phone, as a signature is required. If you need your request to be held for current semester grades, degrees, grade changes, or if you need any special handling such as using separate sealed envelopes, please specify with clear instructions. Transcript requests with a priority mail or express mail envelope attached will be processed along with all other requests on a first come, first served basis. We cannot accept Federal Express or UPS envelopes.

All financial and other obligations to the college must be met before transcript requests will be processed. Official and unofficial transcripts have the same fees.

Order Transcript Online

The quickest way to send a transcript is to order it online. Hunter College uses Credentials Inc. to process transcript orders via the Internet. There is an additional $2 fee for use of this online service. Students ordering online will receive their completed transcript within three to five business days, as well as receive notifications via email on the status of the request. Transcript records prior to 1960 are stored off site and will take 2-3 weeks to be processed.

To utilize the service, students will need to provide their Social Security number, telephone number, a valid major credit card (VISA, Master Card, American Express or Discover) and other information requested on the transcript order form. For more information, please see the TranscriptsPlus® Frequently Asked Questions. Remember, a transcript will not be processed if there are any holds ("stops") on the record (i.e. Bursar, Library, Financial Aid etc.)

Check the status of your transcript online order.


Order with Transcript Request Form

Paper transcript request form (PDF) must be signed by the requesting student. 

Instructions for Use of Transcript Request Forms (paper)

  1. Print Form(s)
  2. Complete the following information:
    1. Your current address and phone number
    2. Your full name (first and last)
    3. Any former names you have had
    4. Your date of birth
    5. Social Security Number (or student ID number)
    6. Approximate dates of Hunter attendance
    7. Degree received (if any), and date
    8. The complete name and address where the transcript is to be mailed
    9. Your signature to authorize release of your transcript
    10. Total number of transcripts needed
  3. Deliver the form(s)

Form Delivery Options

  1. In person:
    1. One Stop for Students Office (formerly the OASIS), Room 217 North: Bring signed form with money order (see fees below.) No cash or personal checks accepted.
    2. Bursar's Office: Cash or money order will be accepted (in person only). However, you will then be required to bring receipt of payment and form(s) to One Stop for Students Office (formerly the OASIS), Room 217 North.  No personal checks accepted for transcripts.
  2. By mail: Sign and mail request form(s) with money order (see fees below) to the Office of the Registrar, Transcripts Division (see address below). No cash accepted by mail.  Money orders are not to be mailed to the Bursar for transcripts.

Office of the Registrar
Transcripts Division
Hunter College
695 Park Avenue, Room 223 North
New York, NY 10065

Transcript Fees

There is a $7 fee for each copy of your transcript except those sent to a unit of the City University of New York, for which there is no fee. Online service requires an additional $2 fee for all requests.

Apostille Seal

An Apostille Seal is an internationally recognized form of authentication used for public documents.  It is obtained in order to demonstrate a document's validity.  To obtain an "Apostille Seal," eligible documents should be presented at the One Stop for Students in Room 217 North.   Eligible documents include the following: original diploma, copy of original diploma, official transcript, and Certification of Enrollment letter.  

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