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Take a Course Outside Hunter

While enrolled at Hunter, students may find it beneficial to take courses at a different school or perhaps even in a different country.  Below are the procedures to follow in order to take classes on permit at CUNY and non-CUNY colleges, and information on how to take advantage of Hunter's numerous education abroad opportunities.

What is a Permit?

Taking a class at a different school while enrolled at Hunter is referred to as taking a class "on permit."  The permit facilitates the process of Hunter students obtaining permission to register for courses offered at other institutions.  If taking a course at another CUNY school, the process is paperless and is referred to as an "ePermit."  

Can I get a Permit?

In order to get approved for a permit, students must:

  • be matriculated (admitted and enrolled at Hunter College)
  • be in good academic standing (not on probation): 2.0 GPA (or higher) for undergraduate, 3.0 for graduate students
  • NOT have any holds or "stops" on their record
  • have attended the prior semester
  • students may NOT go on permit the semester they plan to graduate
  • students may NOT go on permit consecutively for more than two semesters
  • the maximum number of credits students may take on permit is 11 credits during the fall or spring, 7.5 credits for each summer session, unless otherwise specified

Attending Another CUNY School on Permit

You must submit an "ePermit" application if you are planning to go to another CUNY school. Hunter College will no longer accept paper permits for students seeking to attend another CUNY school.  The ePermit application can be found on the left side of the CUNY Portal after you login.  Since ePermit is a component of the CUNY Portal, you must register for the CUNY Portal before attempting to submit an ePermit application. To register for the CUNY Portal, go to (Please carefully read all instructions before registering for the CUNY Portal.)

PLEASE NOTE: All permit grades, as well as credits, from other CUNY colleges will be entered on the student's Hunter College record and calculated in the GPA.  This includes courses taken at CUNY-UPR, Yivo Institute, The Paris Exchange Program, and Marymount Manhattan College (during the Fall and Spring semesters only).

Attending a Non-CUNY School (Undergraduate and Graduate) on Permit

  1. Matriculated students taking at least one course at Hunter during the fall or spring semesters must complete this form (PDF). 
    (Students taking courses during the summer at a Non-CUNY school are NOT required to also take a course at Hunter before utilizing this form). Take this form to the applicable Hunter College department in order to obtain both a Hunter College equivalent and approval (both stamped and signed) to take course(s) at the other school. Please be sure that all parts of the permit form are filled out. 
  2. Make a copy of the approved permit and return the original to the One Stop (formerly OASIS). Nothing is returned to the student and no registration for the permit course is done at Hunter. All registration for the course(s) is done at the college the student is planning to attend. 
  3. Students who, during the Fall or Spring semesters, are not taking any courses at Hunter while attending a Non-CUNY school should NOT file this form. The course(s) will be handled as Transfer of Credit through the Admissions Office, Room 203 HN.  A Readmission Application must be filed with the Welcome Center, Room 100 HN by the deadline date prior to returning to Hunter College. 
  4. Upon completion of your course(s) have an official transcript sent to the Registrar's Office (see address on front of the aforementioned form). Only a grade of "C" or better for Undergraduate and "B" or better for Graduate courses is acceptable from a Non-CUNY school.
  5. Students may attend Marymount Manhattan College on the Special Exchange Program during the FALL AND SPRING SEMESTERS ONLY. This program is for undergraduates. No more than 6 credits may be taken in one semester. During these semesters follow the procedures below, A through E. During the Summer Session follow the instructions above numbered 1 through 4. Students may attend Yivo Institute during the fall or spring semesters and the summer session. 
  6. Students may also attend Manhattan College for Aerospace Studies Courses given by the Air Force ROTC Unit. The credits for these courses will be accepted by Hunter College as Elective credits only. 

A.  Students must take the permit form to the Hunter College department corresponding to the course(s) listed on the front of the application to obtain both a Hunter College equivalent and approval (both stamped and signed) to take course(s) at the other school. Please be sure that all parts of the permit form are filled out. 

B.  Return the permit form to the oasis when you are ready to register and pay for the course(s). Students register for the number of credits the course is listed for at the host college, but pay the tuition rate that is charged at hunter. You will be given a bill at the One Stop, which you should take, along with your payment, to the Bursar. Give the Bursar's Office (Room 238 North) the CUNY permit form to stamp and bring both the CUNY permit form and the paid Bursar's receipt back to the One Stop for the college seal.

C.  Students give the yellow part of the CUNY permit form, and show the paid Bursar's receipt, to the school they wish to attend. 

D.  Please contact the host college to find out the procedures for admission and registration.

E.  If you do not register for the permit credits or register for a different number of credits, you must bring a letter with the seal, to the One Stop, which indicates your status at the host college. 

How to determine course equivalency 

For CUNY colleges, evaluate course equivalency by using TIPPS (Transfer Information & Program Planning System) which can be found at:

For non-CUNY colleges, evaluate course equivalency by using Hunter's search engine, which can be found here.

Taking Courses Abroad

Hunters Education Abroad programs give students the opportunity to earn credits towards their degree in numerous countries around the globe. To learn more about this program, visit our Education Abroad website

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