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Feedback, Forms & Surveys

Tools you can use to collect student survey data, build your department forms and your centralize program interview feedback.

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Recommended for Surveys   Feedback
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MachForm ScreenShotMachForm    

MachForm is a web-based application that allows faculty and staff users to build and manage online forms. The recently upgraded user interface is simple, with various question options, advanced logic, digital signatures, auto responses and document upload funcationality. The forms are mobile friendly, can be branded for your department/program and submissions can be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets or sent individually to specified email addresses. Requires access to be granted by ICIT.

Best Practices

  • Upgrade your instance. If your instance (or your office's log in page URL) of MachForm has not been upgraded, request this through the Faculty and Staff HelpDesk to take full advantage of the enhanced features (be sure to include your instance URL in the request).
  • Simple, quick surveys only. Because there is no reporting functionality with MachForm other than the ability to download submissions via Excel, this is best used for simple surveys that are 10 questions or less.
  • Test your forms. Before launching newly created forms, test them out by completing one to be sure the form is working properly.

→ Learn more about MachForm

To start using this resource:
  1. If your office does not already have access to MachForm, complete this form to request access through ICIT.
  2. Start creating new forms! The interface is very simple so there is no formal training available, but if you run into any difficulty, contact

Sample Retain FormContent Documents in the Hobsons Retain CRM Forms 

One of the many functionalities of the Retain CRM is dynamic content that links student responses to existing CUNYfirst student demographics. Users can provide access to the form links through personalized emails or the MyHunter student facing portal. Once clicked, students are immediately brought to a personalized form that is pre-populated with relevant identifying information, and can then respond to the additional questions. Responses can trigger subsequent communications and excel exports.

Best Practices

  • Simple, One Time Forms Only. Because the Retain CRM cannot store document uploads and new responses from the same student would override any previous input, use the Retain CRM for forms that students need to complete only once and do not require additional documentation.
  • Use Existing Information. The Retain CRM is refreshed daily with CUNYfirst data like Major(s), EMPL ID, so there is no need to ask for that information on these forms.
  • Consider the Whole Process. What happens after students submit this form? Will you want students be informed that the form has been submitted, reviewed or approved? Will you want an archived copy of the form? Considering this at the beginning will help us develop a process that works for you.

→ Learn more about other ways to use the Retain CRM

To set up a Content Doc in the Hobsons Retain CRM, contact

Interview Feedback

Events & Interviews in the Hobsons Retain CRM Feedback

In addition to allowing students to sign up for events, the Events & Interviews module of the Hobsons Retain CRM also permits individual feedback forms to be submitted for student candidates interviewing for your program. Interviewer feedback forms are customizable and can also provide relevant demographic details to your interviewers (eg: major, total earned credits, etc.).

Best Practices

  • Use Existing Information. As with Content Documents (above), the Retain CRM is refreshed daily with CUNYfirst data like Major, EMPL ID, so there is no need to ask interviewers to provide that information on your feedback forms.
  • Instructions for Your Interviewers. Make sure your interviewers are provided with the clear instructions about how to submit feedback in addition to rubric specifics.

→ Learn more about other ways to use Events & Interviews

To request interviewer feedback to be set up in the Hobsons Retain CRM, contact

QualtricsQualtrics Surveys

Qualtrics is a web-based survey tool available for use by all Hunter faculty, students and staff to support teaching and research at Hunter. Surveys can be created and distributed by anyone with a NetID account. Robust question types and data analysis options are available with this tool so if you plan to implement a large scale survey that requires detailed analysis, this option is most recommended for your effort. Surveys are mobile friendly.

→ Learn more about Qualtrics

All Hunter faculty, students and staff already have access to Qualtrics! To start using it, just log in here with your Hunter net ID and password.
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