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Targeted Email Communication

Believe it or not, many Hunter students actually do read their campus email. But that can very easily be disrupted when we send too many email communications to students that are not relevant to them. For example, we shouldn't send information about graduation to a first-year undergrad student, nor would it make sense to send an internship opportunity for sophomores to a graduate student. Leveraging both official CUNYfirst demographic data and interests noted during the recruitment and admissions phases, targeted emails allow your office to send communications about specific programs and opportunities to the most relevant, interested populations.

By sending targeted email communications through the Hobsons CRM, you can view statistics regarding how many students have opened your email and what links were clicked.



Best Practices

  • Make them want to open your message. Use teaser subject lines that will get your readers to open the message, and remember that the first line of your email will show up in a mobile device preview - so use it wisely.
  • Keep it short. There is no need to be overly descriptive or academic when drafting student emails. Your email should contain a quick description of the event, opportunity or announcement and what to do next.
  • What's the point? What do you want students to do once they have read your email? RSVP? Contact your office for more information? Visit a website? Make sure this 'call to action' is clear in your message.
  • Mobile devices rule. As is the trend, if a student is viewing your email, it is likely on their mobile device. Make sure your formatting is friendly for a smaller screen (no larger than 488px).
  • Don't end up in the Junk folder. Be careful about using 'spammy' words and phrases like 'free', "$$$' and 'click here' in your subject line and email content.

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Training and Resources

In person training request form for building targeted emails in the Hobsons Retain CRM:

Reference and how to guides:
(To obtain access to this SharePoint site, contact Patricia Lapinski at

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