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Idioms In Your Pocket

Parliamo Italiano’s workshops are a new spin on the traditional curriculum of the school. Our instructors are dedicated to incorporating the grammar and vocabulary taught in our classes and combining specific aspects of Italian culture to enhance conversation and knowledge of Italian history. Discounts do not apply. If you have any questions regarding our Pop-Up Workshops, please call 212-396-6653 or email

Il Congiuntivo is a nightmare, pronouns are even worse! You need a break and some fun! Maybe you need a shot of idioms.

Do you know the meaning of?

  • Farsi in Quattro
  • In Quattro e Quattr’otto
  • In un batter d’occhio

These are some of the idiomatic expressions that Italians use in their daily life, at work, and with friends.  A foreign language is owned when you are familiar with these expressions and you know when and how to use them. This 2 hour workshop will include the most common and fun idiomatic expressions. Through concrete and easy examples, you will begin to vocalize and include them in the correct context.  This workshop is geared towards students who have completed Elementary levels.


Course Code: IDIOMS
Tuition: $50
Date: Wednesday, December 3rd, 6:00-8:00pm
Instructor: Maria Politano

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