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Graduation And Beyond

Answers To Students' FAQ

14. I'm approaching graduation, and I'm not sure what kind of job I should seek. What should I do next?

Begin by going to Student Services. They can provide you with scholarship information, graduate school advice, and information about job opportunities in the area. Department advisors are also available to discuss this sort of concern.

15. I'm approaching graduation, and I'm not sure what to do next. How do I decide whether to go to graduate school?

Meet with one of the faculty members designated as advisors right away. Contact them by email to request an appointment. In your message, be sure to include days and times that you are available.

16. I'm thinking about going to graduate school in philosophy. What should I do, and when?

You are strongly encouraged to discuss any prospective graduate school plans with a member of the faculty at least three semesters prior to your expected graduation. Professors Press and Acampora have presented workshops for students considering graduate school. Their notes and tips are available on-line, and both are available to discuss these matters with interested students.

17. I'm a philosophy major, but I'm thinking about going to graduate school in a different area. What should I do?

You should first learn more about the specific programs in which you're interested. You can do that by exploring different schools on the Internet and by consulting with advisors in the Hunter department that is most closely related to the subject you wish to pursue. Your Philosophy advisors may be able to suggest particular programs for you to investigate and direct you to other resources.

18. I need a letter of recommendation. Will the Philosophy Department supply one?

Letters of recommendation are written by individual faculty members. Students should speak with faculty members with whom they have taken courses to request such letters. It is advisable that you plan ahead for these circumstances.

Recommendations for graduate school, for example, should be sought at least three months prior to when you need to submit your application. If you anticipate needing letters of recommendation for scholarships, graduate school applications, or employment purposes, get to know your faculty members during your stay at Hunter and visit them during their office hours.

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