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Majors And Minors

Answers To Students' FAQ

9. I'm thinking about majoring in philosophy, but I'm not sure what I would do after I graduate. What do philosophy majors do once they graduate?

Philosophy majors pursue a variety of careers just like those who major in other liberal arts areas. In recent years, Hunter Philosophy majors have gone on to careers in education, business, law, medicine, the arts, and a variety of other fields. Philosophy prepares students to do many things and provides them with the thinking and writing skills that prepares them better than many other fields. Philosophy enables students to think critically, solve problems, understand matters from different points of view, and communicate effectively. Department advisors welcome the opportunity to discuss these concerns with students.

10. How can I find out what I still need to do in order to complete my major?

The requirements for the "standard concentration" to the philosophy major [The Standard Major & Minor Concentration] and the "new philosophy, politics, society (PPS) concentration" to the philosophy major [The New Major & Minor Concentration in Philosophy, Politics, & Society] are posted on this website. You may compare your own transcript (available on-line through DIGS) with the requirements specified in the above documents.

You are also strongly encouraged to speak directly with an advisor if you have additional questions. All students are strongly advised to meet with an advisor at least three semesters prior to graduation and then again two semesters prior to expected graduation, specifically to determine whether all departmental requirements for the major and minor have been met. To determine your standing regarding requirements other than the major, visit the Student Services Office to request a degree audit.

11. How can I find out what I need to do to complete my minor?

Hunter College has made the minor optional for students. Students may forego the minor, if they wish. However, if students wish to have a minor, the department in which the student wishes to minor now determines the requirements for the minor. It is no longer the major department that determines the requirements for the minor.

If you are pursuing a minor in philosophy, you must check with the philosophy department to obtain its requirements for the minor. Be sure to speak with an advisor in the philosophy department if and when you have questions regarding the minor.

The requirements for the minor in philosophy in either the standard or the PPS concentration are now posted on the Philosophy Department's website. Click onto The Standard Major & Minor Concentration and scroll down to "MINOR."

12. I need a course to graduate with my Philosophy major but it isn't offered this semester. What can I do?

Fortunately, this situation does not often arise, since the Philosophy Department frequently offers most of it core major requirements on a regular basis. However, it is simply not possible to offer every required course every single semester. Students should be mindful of the required courses they need to graduate (e.g., PHILO 171, PHILO 212, PHILO 215) and should endeavor to complete them prior to their final semester. In the unlikely event that a course has not been available for some time, arrangements for completing the requirement should be made with a department advisor.

13. I failed one (or more) of my philosophy courses. Does it still count toward my major?


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