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Transfer Student Issues

Answers To Students' FAQ

7. I'm a transfer student, and I took philosophy courses at my other school. When I received my transcript from Hunter, it designates "see department" next to some of my courses. What do I need to do?

You may have your courses evaluated for their Hunter equivalency by visiting a department adviser during office hours, but note that you need to do this only if you wish to have the course count for a specific requirement or if you need the course as a prerequisite for another course for which you are trying to register. Otherwise, the transcript will reflect that you have been granted the credits, and the course or courses will count toward your electives.

To complete the equivalency evaluation process, you'll need: 1) a copy of your Hunter transcript, 2) a description of the course, either from the syllabus or the college catalogue, and 3) a Hunter "Course Equivalency Form" (available on the table in front of the Philosophy Department office). You should bring all of these documents with you when you visit a Department advisor.

It is strongly recommended that you discuss these matters with a representative from Student Services prior to seeking course equivalencies, because some courses might be equivalent to multiple Hunter offerings. Student Services will be in the best position to evaluate your transcript as a whole and to advise you how to maximize your existing credits for meeting Hunter requirements.

8. I'm a transfer student, and I took many philosophy courses at my other school. What do I need to do to receive my Philosophy degree from Hunter?

You should speak directly with an advisor as soon as possible to ascertain which of your courses will fulfill Departmental requirements. A maximum of 12 credits from other institutions may be utilized in pursuit of your Philosophy degree at Hunter. An advisor can discuss your interests and plans with you, and will assist you with maximizing the credits you have earned.

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