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Philosophy Faculty



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Areas of Specialization

Christa Acampora
Office: 1415 Hunter West
Phone: 212-772-4978

Modern European Philosophy, Moral Psychology, Aesthetics

Linda Alcoff
Office: 1419 Hunter West
Phone: 212-772-5081

Continental Philosophy, Feminism, Epistemology, Critical Race, Latin American Philosophy

Ian Blecher
Doctoral Lecturer
Office: 1445 Hunter West
Phone: 212-772-5081

Kant, Ethics, Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Descartes, Spinoza and Thoreau.

Omar Dahbour
Office: 1446 Hunter West
Phone: 212-772-5084

International ethics (sovereignty, global justice), ethics of war and violence, philosophy of history

Other teaching interests: political philosophy, late modern philosophy (Hegel, Marx), Marxist and critical theory

James Freeman
Office: 1416 Hunter West
Phone: 212-772-4974

Informal logic and argumentation theory

Other teaching interests: symbolic logic, elementary and advanced, and philosophy of religion

Justin Garson
Assistant Professor
Office: 1418A Hunter West
Phone: 212-772-4975

History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Biology, and Environmental Philosophy

Carol C. Gould
Distinguished Professor
Office: 1420 Hunter West
Phone: 212-396-6502

Political Theory, Social Philosophy, Theories of Democracy, International Ethics, Philosophy and Public Policy

Daniel Harris
Assistant Professor
Office: 1418 Hunter West

Philosophy of Language (speech acts, semantics, pragmatics), History of Analytic Philosophy

Other teaching interests: Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, Logic, Business Ethics

Laura Keating
Associate Professor, Chair
Office: 1417 Hunter West
Phone: 212-772-4972

Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Perception

Other teaching interests: Epistemology, Logic, Philosophy of Science

Frank M. Kirkland
Associate Professor
Office: 1413A Hunter West
Phone: 212-772-5080

Kant, Hegel, 19th and 20th Century European Philosophy, and Africana Philosophy

Gerald Press
Office: 1414 Hunter West
Phone: 212-772-4971

Ancient Philosophy, History of Philosophy, and History of Ideas

Steven Ross
Office: 1417 Hunter West
Phone: 212-772-5082

Moral Philosophy, Moral Realism, Philosophy of Mind, Aesthetics, Political Philosophy

Other Teaching Interests: Contemporary Analytic Philosophy, Issues in Law and Public Policy


Professors Emerita are faculty who are still scholarly active in the field, though they no longer teach in the department.