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ntactAlan Hausman

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Prof. Hausman received his Ph D from the University of Iowa. He previously taught at Ohio State University, Denison University, and Southern Methodist University before coming to Hunter in 1996. Prof. Hausman specializes in 20th century analytic philosophy and 17th and early 18th century history of philosophy. He has published in many areas: non-Euclidean geometry, the philosophy of Nelson Goodman, Sartre and Freud, Hume, Berkeley, and Descartes. His book (written with his brother David Hausman) Descartes’s Legacy uses modern philosophy of mind to help analyze the tradition of ideas started by Descartes. Prof. Hausman regularly taught Introduction to Philosophy (PHILO 101), The Map of Knowledge (HUM 110), Introduction to Symbolic Logic (PHILO 171) and Intermediate Symbolic Logic (PHILO 275), the Philosophies of Russell and Wittgenstein (PHILO 388), and Metaphysics (PHILO 360). He also taught Philosophical Ideas in Literature (PHILO 256), Philosophy, Science, and Culture (PHILO 270) and Philosophy of Psychoanalysis (PHILO 394.68). He is a former Chair of the Hunter College Senate, and has served on the Senate for the past 8 years.