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Professor Acampora Receives Major Grant from the NEH

Priority: Informational

As part of an initiative by the National Endowment for the Humanities to promote understanding of the military experience and support returning veterans, Hunter College has received a major grant that will fund public events and classroom opportunities for veterans, other students, and non-student members of the community. Participants will explore classic works of literature, history, and philosophy to illuminate moral transformation, injury, and repair resulting from the experience of war. As part of the grant, a group of internationally acclaimed researchers, writers, and public intellectuals will visit Hunter to engage the public in wider discussion and provide capstone experiences for students. Download an overview of the project, including the intellectual rationale.


Fall 2016: Faculty Development & Discussion Leader Seminar

The first phase of the project will be a seminar to prepare discussion leaders and faculty interested in tailoring courses to the project theme. The group will meet for ten sessions during the fall 2016 semester. Readings, to be finalized over the summer, will include: Homer, The Iliad; Aristotle, Ethics; Selections from Epictetus, Enchiridion; Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morality; Jonathan Shay, Achilles in Vietnam; Nancy Sherman, Afterwar; Phil Klay, Redeployment; Jesse Prinz, “Moral Emotions”; and Brett Litz, et. al., “Moral Injury and Moral Repair in War Veterans.”


Spring 2017: Discussions, Public Events, and Courses on the Project Theme

During the second phase of the project, participants from phase 1 will lead discussion groups—either free-standing or embedded in appropriate courses—based on the materials discussed in the first phase. Discussions will be coordinated with public events at which authors Shay, Sherman, Klay, Prinz, and Litz will speak and meet with participants.


Get Involved!

Principal investigators Christa Acampora (Philosophy) and Mariann Weierich (Psychology) are seeking applications for participants for the Phase 1 Faculty/Leader Seminar. Letters of interest and inquires are welcomed from:
•Faculty in the humanities and professional schools,
•Staff, and
•Advanced students (graduating seniors and graduate students).

Veterans and active-duty service members & their family members especially welcomed.

All participants receive course materials, and may be eligible for academic credit (students), course release (faculty), or stipends (staff). Download a longer description of the project here.

To contact one of the PIs directly, please use email.

Submit a letter of interest here.