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Physics 111

Mathematica Exercises for Introductory Physics V7.0:


What is Mathematica Exercises in Introductory Physics or MEIP?

"Mathematica Exercises in Introductory Physics" or MEIP consists of 24 chapters or modules in introductory computational physics suitable as a supplement for the first course in physics at college or high school. Each module has 5-10 pages of text including a brief introduction (or review as the case may be) to the physics discussed in the module. Simple numerical methods are discussed together with a few programs and typical graphical and numerical results. The remainder of each module is a series of exercises the reader is advised to complete since they are generally an important part of the book. More details on MEIP are given in the Introduction to MEIP.

How to Read the MEIP Modules

All the files (except for this file) on the MEIP HomePage are Mathematica notebooks. Mathematica notebooks are files created with the software Mathematica and to read these notebooks you must have on your home computer
Mathematica is installed on the computers at Hunter College in ICIT and if you are a student at Hunter College, then you can receive Mathematica FREE for your home computer as a result of the Student Computer Fee. Please Contact Instructional Computing and Information Technology for details.

0. Introduction to MEIP.nb 10. Driven Harmonic Osc.nb  
1. Intro. to Mathematica.nb 11. The Pendulum.nb  
2. Slope and Derivative.nb 12. Planetary Motion.nb  
3.Constant Velocity Motion.nb    
4. Gravitational fall of mass.nb    
5. Projectile motion.nb    
6. Air Resistance.nb    
7. Area and the Integral.nb    
8. Collisions.nb    
9.Motion of Mass on a Spring    

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