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D. Sharoukhov, F.  Bucinca-Cupallari, and H. Lim, "Microtubule imaging reveals cytoskeletal deficit predisposing the retinal ganglion cell axons to atrophy in DBA/2J", Investigative Ophthalmology and Vision Science, in press.

C. Nwokafor, R.H. Singer, and H. Lim, " Imaging cell-type-specific dynamics of mRNAs in living mouse brain", Methods, in press.

D. Sharoukhov and H. Lim, “On probing conformation of microtubules by second-harmonic generation”, Journal of Modern Optics, 63, 71-75 (2016).

J. Colon and H. Lim, "Shaping field for 3D laser scanning microscopy", Optics Letters 40, 3300-3303 (2015).

H. Lim, D. Sharoukhov, I. Kassim, Y. Zhang, J.L. Salzer, C. V. Melendez-Vasquez, "Label-free imaging of Schwann cell myelination by third harmonic generation microscopy", Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 111, 18025-18030 (2014).

H.Y. Park, H. Lim, Y.J. Yoon, A. Follenzi, C. Nwokafor, M. Lopez-Jones, X. Meng, and R.H. Singer, "Visualization of dynamics of single endogenous mRNA labeled in live mouse", Science 343, 422-424 (2014).

H. Lim and J. Danias, "Effect of axonal microtubules on the morphology of the retinal nerve fibers studied by second-harmonic generation microscopy", Journal of Biomedical Optics 17, 110502 (2012).

H. Lim and J. Danias, "Label-free morphometry of retinal nerve fiber bundles by second-harmonic generation microscopy", Optics Letters 37, 2316-2318 (2012).

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