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Group members

April 2018

...and a little more seriously...

Clockwise from top: Graeme Gossel, Lionel Lacombe, Neepa Maitra, Stephen Crisostomo, Enxi Yu, Norah Hoffmann

January 2017

Summer 2015 

In Telluride, with Ernesto Sandoval, Neepa Maitra, Johanna Fuks, and Kai Luo

Fall 2014

Central Park group meeting;  front:Elham Khosravi, Johanna Fuks , Neepa Maitra; back: Kai Luo, Ernesto Sandoval, Ali Abedi, 

and below, same, with a permutation

Summer 2013

Packing M&M's for the TDDFT Gordon Conference: from top left, Ernesto, Julia, Johanna, Sophie, Neepa, Kai, and Cissy
Group April 10

Group in April 2010: Chris Canahui, Arun Rajam, Sharma Goldson, Izabela Raczkowska, Neepa Maitra, Peter Elliott, Johanna Fuks (visiting from San Sebastian)

Current Group Members

Dr. Lionel Lacombe (postdoc, Nov 2016--present)

Dr. Graeme Gossel (postdoc, Oct. 2016-- present)

Norah Hoffmann (PhD student MPI-Hamburg, May 2017 -- present)

Enxi Yu (PhD student, Feb 2017 -- present)

Steven Crisostomo (Undergraduate Fall 2016--present)

Maria Williams (Undergraduate Summer 2016-- present)

Dr. Neepa T. Maitra    (PI) 

Group Alumni

David Tempel (undergraduate 05-07,  PhD student at Harvard 07--12, Postdoc at MIT and Harvard '12 --)

August Krueger (undergraduate 07-08, PhD student at Rutgers  08--)

Christian Gaun (MA student 08-09, currently Financial Math at NYU)

Dr. Harshani Wijewardane (postdoctoral fellow 07-09, professor at Rajaratna University of Sri Lanka 09--)

Allen Kamal (undergraduate 07-08, currently MA student)

Gabriella Mullady (undergraduate 07-08, now math)

Matt Olim (postbac summer research student 08)

Dr. Zenaida Shields (postdoc 09, independent consultant and researcher)

Dr. Arun Rajam (PhD 07-10, now assistant professor at St. Johns University NY)

Izabela Raczkowska (undergraduate 09-10, PhD student at NYU 10 -- )

Sharma Goldson (undergraduate 08-09, Math MA at Hunter 2010--)

Chris Canahui (undergraduate 09, math major)

Dr. Peter Elliott (postdoc Jan 10 -- Sep 12; now at MPI-Halle)

Dr. Ali Abedi (postdoc Fall 2014; now Marie-Curie Fellow San Sebastian, Spain)

Dr. Elham Khosravi (postdoc Fall 2014; now Marie-Curie Fellow San Sebastian, Spain)

Dr. Kai Luo (PhD student Fall 2012-- Spring 2015, now postdoc in Sam Trickey's group UFL)

Ernesto Sandoval (MA student Spring 2013 -- Spring 2015, now PhD student SUNY Binghamton)

Dr. Johanna Fuks (postdoc Mar 2013 -- May 2017; now Researcher for Conicet (permanent), U. Buenos Aires)

More photos:

Lunch at Gaonnuri NYC with the "Exact Factorization Subgroup" of Hardy Gross' group of Max Planck Institute Halle, October 2014: Clockwise from center, Neepa, Hardy, Johanna, Kai, Federica Agostini, Seung Kyu Min, Ali, Elham


MiniWorkShop on Exact Factorization Approach to Non-Adiabatic Dynamics and Connections with Other Methods, Oct. 2014, dinner;  left from front: Rick Heller, Joe Subotnik, Elham Khosravi, Ari Chakraborty, David Coker, Ray Kapral, Ali Abedi, Seung Kyu Min, Axel Schilde; right from front: Hardy Gross, Federica Agostini, John Tully, Neepa Maitra, Johanna Fuks, Suggy Jang, Ernesto Sandoval, Kai Luo


Nov 2013: Johanna explaining her work on Charge-Transfer in the two-site Hubbard model and implications for TDDFT functionals at a workshop on "Challenges in Finite Fermion Systems" in Buffalo NY



Nov 2013: Kai explaining a way to analyze non-adiabatic dynamical step structures in TDDFT, at the same workshop ("Challenges in Finite Fermion Systems", Buffalo, NY)




Group Photo09Spr

Spring 2009: Arun Rajam, Harshani Wijewardane, Christian Gaun, Neepa Maitra, Sharma Goldson

Summer 2008: Matt Olim, Allen Kamal, Sharma Goldson, August Krueger, Christian Gaun; Front row L to R: Gabriella Mullady, Arun Rajam, Neepa Maitra, Harshani Wijewardane

Group Photo08Summer


Hardy Gross talking about DFT for superconductivity at the 2008 APS March meeting, New Orleans, at an  invited session co-organized by Kieron and Neepa.


March 2008: Harshani and Arun giving their talks at the APS March Meeting, New Orleans 2008.


End of summer 07 group meeting in Central Park, and David’s last day: (Harshani, Gabriella, David, Neepa, August, Christian(left), Allen(right))

Mar 2007: lunch at Dallas BBQ, Christian, Meta, Ali, Allen, Neepa, Arun, from L to R.


Sep 2006: David presenting his work at the 2nd International TDDFT Workshop, in beautiful Benasque, Spain.

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