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Group members

Summer 2013

Packing M&M's for the TDDFT Gordon Conference: from top left, Ernesto, Julia, Johanna, Sophie, Neepa, Kai, and Cissy

Group April 10

Group in April 2010: Chris Canahui, Arun Rajam, Sharma Goldson, Izabela Raczkowska, Neepa Maitra, Peter Elliott, Johanna Fuks (visiting from San Sebastian)

Current Group Members

Dr. Johanna Fuks  (postdoc, Mar 2013--)

Kai Luo (PhD student, Aug 2012 --)

Ernesto Sandoval (MA student, Jan 2012 --)


Dr. Neepa T. Maitra    (PI) 

Group Alumni

David Tempel (undergraduate 05-07,  PhD student at Harvard 07--)

August Krueger (undergraduate 07-08, PhD student at Rutgers  08--)

Christian Gaun (MA student 08-09, currently Financial Math at NYU)

Dr. Harshani Wijewardane (postdoctoral fellow 07-09, professor at Rajaratna University of Sri Lanka 09--)

Allen Kamal (undergraduate 07-08, currently MA student)

Gabriella Mullady (undergraduate 07-08, now math)

Matt Olim (postbac summer research student 08)

Dr. Zenaida Shields (postdoc 09, independent consultant and researcher)

Dr. Arun Rajam (PhD 07-10, now adjunct)

Izabela Raczkowska (undergraduate 09-10, PhD student at NYU 10 -- )

Sharma Goldson (undergraduate 08-09, Math MA at Hunter 2010--)

Chris Canahui (undergraduate 09, math major)

Dr. Peter Elliott (postdoc Jan 10 -- Sep 12; now at MPI-Halle)

More photos:

Nov 2013: Johanna explaining her work on Charge-Transfer in the two-site Hubbard model and implications for TDDFT functionals at a workshop on "Challenges in Finite Fermion Systems" in Buffalo NY



Nov 2013: Kai explaining a way to analyze non-adiabatic dynamical step structures in TDDFT, at the same workshop ("Challenges in Finite Fermion Systems", Buffalo, NY)




Group Photo09Spr

Spring 2009: Arun Rajam, Harshani Wijewardane, Christian Gaun, Neepa Maitra, Sharma Goldson

Summer 2008: Matt Olim, Allen Kamal, Sharma Goldson, August Krueger, Christian Gaun; Front row L to R: Gabriella Mullady, Arun Rajam, Neepa Maitra, Harshani Wijewardane

Group Photo08Summer


Hardy Gross talking about DFT for superconductivity at the 2008 APS March meeting, New Orleans, at an  invited session co-organized by Kieron and Neepa.


March 2008: Harshani and Arun giving their talks at the APS March Meeting, New Orleans 2008.


End of summer 07 group meeting in Central Park, and David’s last day: (Harshani, Gabriella, David, Neepa, August, Christian(left), Allen(right))

Mar 2007: lunch at Dallas BBQ, Christian, Meta, Ali, Allen, Neepa, Arun, from L to R.


Sep 2006: David presenting his work at the 2nd International TDDFT Workshop, in beautiful Benasque, Spain.

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