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Active fluids and their bioengineering applications

Active fluids and their bioengineering applications

When Mar 28, 2018
from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
Speaker Chenhui Peng Ph.D.
Speaker Information Dr. Chenhui Peng is a Postdoctoral Associate in MIT. He got his PhD degree from Liquid Crystal Institute of Kent State University in Ohio. His research interest include active soft matter, biophysics, electrokinetics, polymer, colloidal self assembly, microfluidics and their bioengineering applications and his work have been published in Science, Science Advances, Nature Communications and Advanced Materials etc. He is the recipient of Alfred Saupe award in 2015 from Kent State University.
Where 1311 HN
Contact Name Yuhang Ren
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Contact Phone 212-772-5258
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Active fluids that are self-sustainable fluids with out-of-equilibrium spatiotemporal dynamics driven by internal and external energies is a fascinating research area of intensive studies. Active fluids can be formed by systems of both biological and artificial origin, such as microtubules driven by molecular motors, bacterial dispersions, birds, fish, and colloidal particles powered by internal or external sources of energy. In this talk, I will cover the topics for fundamental studies of active fluids in isotropic and anisotropic medium and their bioengineering applications. In the first part, we explore the active fluidic behavior driven by electric field, so-called electrokinetic flow in isotropic, namely water, and anisotropic medium, i.e. liquid crystal. The second part will move to the newly discovered active living matter formed by combining self-propelled bacteria and water based liquid crystalline material. By photo-patterning the liquid crystalline environment, the polarity of active fluids and distribution of the bacteria can be controlled. The last part will cover the latest progress in bioengineering applications of the active fluids in food and environmental safety, dental health, biomolecular sensing and sorting.

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