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Optical Dissection of Brain Circuits

Optical Dissection of Brain Circuits

When Nov 06, 2013
from 02:00 pm to 03:30 pm
Speaker Alex Kwan
Speaker Information Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine
Where 1311 HN
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In the brain, neuronal circuits have multiple layers of functional complexity. There are local networks of excitatory and inhibitory neurons, which are influenced by more global factors such as neuromodulation and feedback connections. Rapid advances in neural recording and stimulation technologies are revealing the dynamic nature of these circuit interactions. A mechanistic understanding of the circuit dynamics not only has broad significance for information processing in the brain, but is also directly relevant for psychiatric disorders where specific circuit elements are compromised.

In this talk, I will describe methods developed to functionally dissect neuronal circuits. I will present a new approach for mapping functional connectivity between cortical neurons in vivo. I will also discuss visual perceptual tasks designed for the head-fixed mouse, in which neural activity was recorded and manipulated to assess the roles of cell types in sensory perception. Finally, I will demonstrate a frontal-visual pathway that directly influences sensory processing, thus providing a platform for future.

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