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Fall 2020 Political Science Courses

Here are the courses that will be offered for the Fall 2020 semester. Courses are separated by Sub-Field.

Priority: Informational


American Government and Politics

Course Faculty Member
11000 American Government: A Historical Introduction

Newton (01), Mayo-Adam (03), Karapin (04)
Adjuncts (02, 05, 06, 07, 08)

21200 Urban Politics Adjunct
21300 Political Parties and Elections Adjunct
21900 Women and the Law Adjunct
23500 The American Congress Tien
31701 Asian American Civil Rights & The Law Adjunct
31723 Politics of Rage Schram
31730 U.S. Border Politics Newton
31754 Law and Morality Adjunct
34000 Con Law: Organizing the Government Mayo-Adam
34300 Criminal Law Adjunct
Comparative Politics
Course Name Faculty Member
25300 Government and Politics in Latin America Erickson
26300 Government and Politics in the Middle East Schwedler
26700 Politics of Southern Africa Adjunct
27216 Nationalism and Ethnic Conflicts Adjunct
27235 Politics of Climate Change Karapin
35600  India’s Democratic Experience Jenkins
36000  Democracy and Development in A Globalizing World Jenkins
International Relations
Course  Faculty Member
27100 International Politics in America Erickson
27307 UN & International Politics Adjunct
27313 Money & Power Lee
27330 China, Russia and US in Great Power Competition Roberts
28300 Terrorism Shirkey
37308 Politics of Finance Lee
37400 International Human Rights Somerville
38500 The Nuclear Age: Nuclear Weapons, War and Peace Roberts
Political Theory
Course Name Faculty Member
20000 Interpreting Politics Wallach (01)
20100 Ancient to Early Modern Political Thought Wallach
20200 Modern Political Thought (1600-1900) Feldman (01)
20400 Political Philosophy Adjunct
20456 International Ethics Adjunct
20478 Democracy and Its Discontents Adjunct
20600 Research Design in Political Science Adjunct
20900 Women and Gender in Western Political Thought Adjunct
30414 Contemporary Feminist Theory Adjunct
30466 Power Feldman
Course  Faculty Member
10000 Introduction to Politics:
Democracy, Anarchy and State
29401 Model U.N. Adjunct
29405 Bathroom Politics Adjunct
29417 Family, Migration and the Law Adjunct