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The Watt Prize - Essay Contest

Priority: Informational

The Watt Prize, named in honor of Lincoln Brigade volunteer George Watt, a writer, and lifelong activist central to the creation of ALBA, is now accepting submissions. Students are invited to submit an essay or thesis chapter about any aspect of the Spanish Civil War, the global political or cultural struggles against fascism in the 1920s and 1930s, or the lifetime histories and contributions of the international volunteers who fought in support of the Spanish Republic from 1936 to 1938.

The contest offers cash prizes and accepts submissions in Graduate and Undergraduate categories. 


  • Essays must be between 2,000 and 10,500 words.
  • Submissions may be in Spanish or English.
  • Submissions must have been produced to fulfill an undergraduate course or degree requirement (please specify course, degree, and institution; for thesis chapters, please add a thesis abstract).
  • Any work produced since August 1, 2019, is eligible for the competition.

More information about the essay contest, and a detailed look at the contest requirements and judging criteria are located on their website.

The deadline is July 1, 2020 and all submissions should be emailed to