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Pre-Health Requirements

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Course Requirements

Most medical, dental, optometry, and podiatry schools have the same general requirements. They are listed in the chart below. Click on the appropriate link for more information regarding Veterinary, Physical Therapy, and Physician Assistant Programs.

Please remember that we advise those interested in Physical Therapy and Physician Assistant programs on a very limited basis. Please use the requirement sheets as a guide and visit the Hunter College Physical Therapy Program Website for more information about their program.

Course title (credits) Subject pre-requisites: must be taken prior to course co-requisites: must be taken with or prior to course
(6) One Year of English *see major advisor about placement and English requirements  *  
BIOL 100 (4.5)

General Biology I (includes lab)
Only offered in Spring

CHEM 102 & MTH 125 or appropriate score on math placement exam  
BIOL 102

General Biology II (includes lab)
Only offered in Fall

BIOL 100   
CHEM 102
General Chemistry I   MTH 125 
CHEM 104
General Chemistry II CHEM 102   
CHEM 106
General Chemistry Lab    CHEM 104 
CHEM 222
Organic Chemistry Lecture I  CHEM 104   
CHEM 223
Organic Chemistry Lab I CHEM 106  CHEM 222 
CHEM 224
Organic Chemistry Lecture II   CHEM 222   
CHEM 225
Organic Chemistry Lab II  CHEM 223  CHEM 224 
PHYS 110
General Physics I (includes lab) MTH 125   
PHYS 120
General Physics II (includes lab) PHYS 110   
MTH 125
Pre-Calculus *placement testing and transfer credit will determine if you need this course, or if you need to take another math course prior to pre-calculus   
MTH 150
Calculus  MTH 125   
STAT 213
Statistics  MTH 125   
Students often assume they can complete courses in the summer, or in either the fall or spring semester - this is not always the case! Check carefully to see when courses are offered. Such a misstep could cost you an extra year, so do your research!

Special Course Notes:

Chemistry 106 - General Chemistry Lab is a one semester lab that satisfies health professions schools requirement for two 1.5 credit labs. Freshmen only (no post-baccalaureate or transfer students) can take Chem 111 or Chem 112 with labs instead of 102, 104, 106.

Physics 111 and 121 are acceptable in place of 110 and 120; however, this requires taking Calculus II (MATH 155). This option is not recommended unless you are very confident and comfortable with your calculus skills. Remember, the goal is a high GPA!

Biology 102 are never offered in the summer. BIO 100 is only offered in the Spring; BIO 102 is only offered in the Fall.

Other suggested coursework:

COurse title COurse Number
Controversial Issues in Health  ComHe 200 
BioChemistry (lecture/lab) CHEM 376 
Molecular Biology and Genetics (lecture)
BIOL 203 
Cell Biology (lecture) BIOL 303
Biological Chemistry (lecture/lab)  BIOL 300 
Laboratory in Cell Structure (lab)  BIOL 390 
Genetics (lecture) BIOL 320 
Introduction to Biophysics (lecture) PHYS 420

Philosophy 103 and Classics 110 is also suggested to help students prepare for the verbal section of the MCAT.

Many courses have pre-requisites, so always check the course descriptions or check with the departments before registering.

Volunteer, Research, and Internships

Medical schools like to see students who give back to the community as well as students who have experience in health care. A minimum of 200 volunteer hours is suggested for those applying to Medical, Dental, Optometry and Podiatry schools. Paid experience is fine for those who are working/interning in the medical field. For more information, please see pages 13-14 in the Undergraduate Guide on the left.

Research for MD/PhD Students

Students who are pursuing MD/PhD programs must have at least 2 hands-on scientific research experiences from which they can get two separate recommendation letters. For more information, please see page 15 in the Undergraduate Guide on the left.

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