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Pre-Health File Application


If you already have a Pre-Health file, but you do not request recommendation letters and/or evaluations for at least an academic year, your file will be marked as inactive and you will have to reapply to the program to make your file active again.   To avoid your Pre-Health file becoming inactive, make sure you submit recommendation letters and/or evaluations every semester.

What is the Pre-Health File Application?

If you are planning to apply to a health professions program we will keep a file of your course evaluations, recommendations, pre-health packet, resume, and transcripts in the Pre-Health Professions Office. The information in your file is confidential and accessible only to the Pre-Health Committee and Pre-Health Professions Office staff.


Why do I need a Pre-Health file?

When it is time to apply to health professions schools, we guide students through the application process. This includes providing qualified students with a Committee Letter, which is a very detailed and combined reference letter that incorporates letters of recommendation and evaluations.

Starting the file allows you to start collecting letters of recommendation and evaluations as soon as possible; when you apply you won't have to spend time trying to locate previous professors because you will have requested them when you took the course or worked with the individual. We keep the file for 3 years after you graduate.

 Students interested in Physical Therapy or Physician Assistant Programs, DO NOT need to open a file. We only advise these students on a very limited basis, and they do not need a Pre-Health File.

How do I open a Pre-Health file? 

In order to open a Pre-Health file you must first attend an "Everything You Need to Know about Being a Pre-Health Student" workshop before registering with the Pre-Health Office. There you will receive a contract that must be signed. If you meet the requirements you will be accepted into the program, and your Pre-Health file will be created for you.


What are the requirements?

  • You must attend an "Everything You Need to Know about Being a Pre-Health Student" workshop. (Check our calendar to find out dates, location etc.)
  • Hunter Students are required to have completed 12 science credits and have at least a 3.3 GPA in those science courses. (If you are a transfer student and have completed 12 or more science credits, you must complete 9 credits of biology, chemistry, or physics at Hunter College. If you have completed less than 12 credits, you must complete 12 science credits at Hunter College).
  • You must have at least a 3.3 science and cumulative GPA.
  • Must agree to meet with a Pre-Health Advisor at least once per year
  • You must attend at least three (3) Pre-Health Advising events per semester OR six (6) events within the academic year (September-May).
  1. Please note that if you RSVP for an event and do not attend, you will not receive credit for that event. Our office keeps and maintains an attendance record of each and every event. We know who attends and who does not attend each event.
  2. ONLY RSVP if you are certain you will attend, because you're taking up space that can otherwise be saved for a student that will attend. If you will not be able to attend an event, Sign back into your account and decline the RSVP notification, so that other students can be accommodated in your place.
  • You must join the Pre-Health listserv.

BEFORE YOU APPLY: You must first obtain your Pre-Health ID number. This number is emailed to you after you attend the "Everything You Need to Know about Being a Pre-Health Student" workshop. YOU CANNOT COMPLETE THE APPLICATION WITHOUT THE PRE-HEALTH ID NUMBER.

If you have already attended an "Everything You Need to Know about Being a Pre-Health Student" workshop, have your Pre-Health ID number, and meet all the requirements, please click here to register and start your file


How do I find out what is currently in my file?
To find out which evaluations and recommendations are currently in your pre-health file please fill out the File Check Request form.

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