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Pre-Med Listserv

Hunter logo Pre-Med Listserv: Click the Hunter logo and signup for the Pre-Med ListServ.
Please be advised that the listserv is for Hunter students only, and you must register with a Hunter email address.

Joining the listserv will give you up-to-date information regarding the health professions, special events, and the Pre-Health Office.


Students Enrolled Prior to Fall 2020

Applying to Pre-Health Program for Students Enrolled Prior to Fall 2020

The information below is ONLY for students who matriculated at Hunter College between
Spring 2016—Spring 2020.

If you matriculated into Hunter College as a Freshman in Fall 2020 or later, visit this page.

Join the Pre-Health Program by completing the 3 steps outlined below.

Completing Step 1 allows you to schedule appointments with a Pre-Health Advisor in Navigate and registers you with the Pre-Health Office. Step 1 should be completed in your Freshman year.

Completing Steps 2 and 3 allows you to open your Pre-Health File so that the Pre-Health Office may receive documents on your behalf and determine your eligibility for receiving a Committee Letter. Steps 2 and 3 should be completed no later than your first semester of sophomore year.

Please visit the Pre-Health Timeline for more information on expected milestones in the Pre-Health Program.

Step 1: To apply to the Pre-Health Program, you must fulfill the requirements below:

  1. Join the Pre-Med email listserv using your Hunter email address
  2. Attend the Pre-Health New Student Orientation for Freshman and Transfer Students
  3. Attend the Everything You Need to Know about Being a Pre-Health Student seminar
  4. Submit your Pre-Health Contract
  5. Submit your Pre-Health Application using your assigned Pre-Health ID

please note: You may begin attending the required seminars outlined in Step 2 before completing Step 1 as long as you document the dates attended.

The Everything You Need to Know about Being a Pre-Health Student seminar is offered every December, January, May, and June. Please check the Pre-Med Listserv for information in regard to dates, times, locations, and how you can RSVP.

Pre-Health ID's are assigned to students after attending this seminar and are needed in order to complete your Pre-Health application. Pre-Health applications are only given to students who attend this seminar and are due to the Pre-Health Office within 15 days upon receipt.

After completing Step 1, you may begin requesting course evaluations from Professors and/or Teaching Assistants. Letters of Recommendation may not be requested until Step 2 is complete.

Numbered Scale #1

Step 2: Complete the requirements for opening your Pre-Health File:

  1. Complete Step 1
  2. Have a minimum 3.3 cumulative and science GPA (Biology/Physics/Chemistry)
  3. Have a minimum of 12 science credits on your Hunter College transcript (ePermit courses are not considered).
  4. Attend ALL required Pre-Health seminars (No seminars from the list below will be waived or substituted for any other):
    1. Everything You Need to Know about Being a Pre-Health Student
    2. STEM Study Skills
    3. Resume Writing 101
    4. Networking 101 for Pre-Health Professionals
    5. Professionalism 101
    6. Stress Management
    7. Time Management for Pre-Health Students
    8. Clinical Exposure 101 for Pre-Health Students (Formerly Clinical Volunteering 101 for Pre-Health Students)
    9. Community Service Volunteering for Pre-Health Students
    10. How to Pursue Research Opportunities
    11. Effective Communication for Pre-Health Students

After completing all of the above, you can move to Step 3 to schedule an appointment with Robert (Bobby) Hieger, Information Technology Specialist in the Pre-Health Office, to open your Pre-Health file.

please note: All seminars should be completed within the first semester at Hunter College. Failing to do so will necessitate making up any missing seminars. As a result, the student will be one semester behind in seminars until all outstanding seminars are attended.

It is the responsibility of the student to keep track of the names and dates of all events attended, as there is no centralized database that links event attendance to individual student records. Attendance credit will not be granted to students who are unable to provide a date and/or name of the event they attended. Students unable to provide this information will be required to repeat the event.

Numbered Scale #2

Step 3: Scheduling Your Appointment to Open Your Pre-Health File

Robert is available to meet with students to open their Pre-Health file on Tuesdays and Thursdays ONLY via, providing up to 16 meeting time slots per week. Please note that you must be able to provide documentation that all requirements in Steps 1-2 were completed in order to hold your appointment. Appointments are first come, first serve.

important: The documentation below must be emailed to Robert no less than 48 hours prior to your appointment or your appointment will be canceled:

  • A list of all required seminars with the dates you attended (we recommend recording this information preferably in our Pre-Health Log) or a Google Doc.
  • A PDF of your most recent unofficial Hunter College transcript (used to calculate your BCP)

Due to COVID-19, all review meetings will be conducted as Video Conferences on Zoom until further notice. After required documentation is received, an email invitation to a Zoom video conference will be sent by Bobby within approximately 24 hours of the meeting you booked.

Steps 2-3 must be completed by the end of the first semester of your sophomore year. Students who do not apply by this deadline will receive a Letter Packet. Seniors or graduated alumni who have yet to open their Pre-Health File will be ineligible to receive a Committee Letter.

Numbered Scale #3
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