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Student Recognition 2015-2016

General Participation

Students who are registered with the Pre-Law Program and attend no less than two (2) events per year that are sponsored by the Program are considered "active" in the program, and may in good faith include the Pre-Law Program on their resumes under campus activity.

Special Commendation

Students who attend at least four attorney-led events during the academic year -- in addition to/aside from the skills-based programming and admissions-related sessions offered -- are recognized by the Pre-Law Program for their commitment to career exploration, and engagement with the members of the legal community who support our efforts, keeping Hunter vibrant.

The following individuals qualified for Special Commendation during the 2015-16 academic year:

  • Harry Alexandre
  • Stella Chen
  • Nelly Gordpour
  • Arielle Grillo
  • Patrick Kula
  • Michelle Li
  • Emily Losi
  • Sadaf Mehdi
  • Olivia Mitmann
  • Randy Nandall
  • Sonia Niekrasz
  • Grace Ouyang
  • Bryzeida Perez
  • Tamara Poghosyan
  • Francesca Royal
  • Korina Rud
  • Leili Saber
  • Mia Soto
  • Christopher Sperrazza




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