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Jennifer J. Raab, President
(212) 772-4242



The goal of a Hunter College education is to encourage the fullest possible intellectual and personal growth in each student. While preparation for specific careers is an important objective of many programs, Welcome Week 2009 (3)the fundamental aim of the college experience as a whole is to develop a student’s rational, critical and creative powers. Such development involves the abilities to conceptualize and analyze, to relate the concrete and particular to the abstract and general, and to think and write logically and coherently. It also includes a broadening and deepening of outlook: an awareness of one’s own and other cultures as well as of the enduring questions and answers concerning being, purpose, and value that confront humanity. Finally, the educational experience at Hunter is intended to inspire a zest for learning as well as to bring the recognition that learning is pleasurable and knowledge is useful.

The President's initiatives are divided into three categories:


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