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Jennifer J. Raab, President
(212) 772-4242


Centro Advisory Board

Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños, its Spanish name, was established at Hunter in 1973 with the mission of collecting and preserving resources that document the history and culture of Puerto Ricans. The Archives of the Puerto Rican Diaspora, as they are formally known, include books, newspapers, periodicals, audio, films, manuscripts, photographs, prints and recorded music, all of which are available to the general public as well as the scholarly community. CENTRO will be moving its library and archive into the Silberman School of Social Work Building next year. The newly formed Advisory Board plays an important part in helping CENTRO carry out its mission.

Board Members:
Ronald Blackburn-Moreno
Taina Borrero
Tonio Burgos
Susana Torruella Leval
Lillian Rodriguez Lopez
Madelyn Lugo
Luis Miranda
Arcadio Diaz Quiñones
Dennis Rivera
Jose Luis Rodriquez
Ninfa Segarra


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