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Jennifer J. Raab, President
(212) 772-4242


Public Health Advisory Board

The Public Health Advisory Board is comprised of an esteemed group of academicians, government representatives and business leaders to guide us in creating an exceptional School of Public Health in our new East Harlem home. Leading this effort, as the School’s founding dean, is Dr. Kenneth Olden, a renowned biochemist and cancer researcher and former director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the National Toxicology Program. In conjunction with an outstanding faculty, administrative team, and this Advisory Board, we can develop an innovative school devoted to preventing disease and promoting health for all New Yorkers.

Board Members:
Arthur Ainsberg
Deborah Bachrach
Barry Bloom
Pam Brier
Darlene Curley *
Harvey Fineberg
Thomas Farley
Harvey Fineberg
Deborah Fraser-Howze
Harold Freeman
Anthony Gotto
Rosemary Mackey
John McDonough
Kenneth Raske
Dennis Rivera
Martin Schneider
Steve Sokolow
Mike Stocker
George Thibault
Jan Vilcek
Mark Wagar
Jack Watters

* Adhoc Member

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