Leon Cooperman (’64) Pledges $1 Million to Hunter During Speech to Students

As a student at Hunter in the ‘60s, Leon Cooperman studied chemistry in preparation for a career in dentistry. He also studied French. Despite his acceptance to dental school and the dental drill he received etched with his own initials, Cooperman realized he was better suited for a career in business. He returned to Hunter to take courses in economics, which allowed him to continue his education at Columbia Business School where he earned his MBA. He is still fond of French, for it was in that class where he met and fell in love with his classmate, Toby, to whom he has been happily married for 46 years.

This was just one of the stories that Cooperman, the founder, CEO and President of Omega Advisors, Inc., shared with a standing-room only crowd at Hunter on October 22nd.  He told the audience about his Wall Street career, his thoughts on the current financial environment and the importance of philanthropy. He noted that after being an investor the past 40 years, he was happy to be in a position to give back. He then surprised the audience with the announcement that he and his wife Toby would donate $1 million to Hunter.

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