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Jennifer J. Raab, President
(212) 772-4242


Senior Administrators

Eija Ayravainen

Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students

(212) 772-4878

Eija Ayravainen is the vice president for Student Affairs at Hunter College. Her responsibilities at Hunter College include oversight and development of services for students, including program development in the areas of Student Affairs, Advisement & Counseling, Outreach Programs, College Now, and Career Development & Placement. She also oversees Academic Advising, Day Care services, Athletics, Residence Life, and International Student services.

Holding both a BA and MA degree in Communications from Hunter, Eija Ayravainen has spent much of her professional life at the College. She served as lecturer of interpersonal and media communications, as the director of Freshman and Transfer Programs, and as the Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Students before becoming the Acting Vice President for Student Affairs.


Robert Pignatello


Acting Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer


John Rose

Dean of Diversity & Compliance

(212) 772-4242

John Rose is responsible for developing and implementing a college-wide program to recruit individuals from underrepresented groups as faculty, senior administrators and staff. He also works closely with student groups to address diversity issues on campus, and is responsible for investigating employee complaints involving alleged discrimination based on protected status.

Rose has had a successful career in the private sector managing a wide variety of human resources and employee relations matters. Previously, he was Vice President for Human Resources at ABC, and prior to that he held the same position at ESPN. From 1994 to 1999, he was the National Basketball Association's Senior Vice President for Player Relations and Administration.

He is a graduate of Hunter College and Harvard Law School.


Dr. Lon Kaufman

Acting Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs



Laura S. Hertzog

Special Counsel to the President & Dean of Faculty and Staff Relations

(212) 772-4220


Anne Lytle

Chief of Staff

(212) 772-3052


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