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Jennifer J. Raab, President
(212) 772-4242


Leonard Zinnanti


Leonard Zinnanti, Acting Chief Operating Officer, served from 2002 through 2006 in the position of Vice President for Finance and Administration. In that post, he oversaw the overall management operations of the College, including facilities, technology, finance and business affairs, and security. In addition, he developed strategies to achieve academic, diversity, and revenue goals as set forth by the President. As COO, his duties have expanded to include the oversight of all financial and administrative aspects of the College, as well as Hunter's many important facilities projects. Working hand-in-hand with the Provost and Dean of Students, the COO responds to the physical needs of the Hunter community by appropriating funds to create new classroom and learning environments, enhancing the use of technology in teaching and learning, and making certain that Hunter is safe, secure, and environmentally healthy.


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