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Fall - May 1 • Winter - October 1 • Spring - November 1 • Summer - April 1
(Applications are considered base on space availability.)

Non-Degree Filing Information

High School Graduates and Visiting Students from Non-CUNY Colleges*
Students who do not intend to apply for a bachelor’s degree but wish to take credit bearing undergraduate courses may apply and take up to 24 credits in a non-degree status. Students applying for non-degree status must submit proof of high school graduation or the General Education Development Diploma (GED). If you are a visiting student from another college, you can present a student college transcript showing at least 24 earned college credits. (
*If you are presenting educational credentials in a language other than English, you must also supply official translations).

Post Baccalaureate Students*
Students who have completed the bachelor's degree or higher who wish to take undergraduate courses may do so. Applicants must verify evidence of prior education by submitting either a copy of their college degree or a final transcript stating degree and date received to the Office of Admissions.  (*If you are presenting educational credentials in a language other than English, you must also supply official translations).

High School Seniors
Qualified High School students may register as non-degree students while continuing their high school studies with the written approval of their high school principal.

Senior Citizens
Applicants who are applying to the Senior Citizen Program pay no tuition for undergraduate courses. There is a $65.00 General Fee that will be charged at the time of registration. Senior Citizens are also responsible for the $5.00 Consolidated Services Fee. All Senior Citizen applicants must be New York State residents and must submit verification of attaining the age of 60. The following forms of proof of age will be acceptable for admission: 1) Medicaid Card 2) Driver’s License 3) Birth Certificate 4) U.S. Passport

All admissions decisions will be sent via electronic mail (e-mail).
Paper letters will no longer be sent.

PLEASE NOTE: Enrolling as a non-degree student does not guarantee specific course registration nor does it imply a guarantee of matriculation in a later term.  Non-degree students cannot enroll in Nursing and/or Education courses.  Non-degree students are generally closed out of science courses.