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Faculty Handbook

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Introduction     Coming Soon!

Nota Bene        Coming Soon!

Chapter 1: Calendars and Important Dates

1) Academic Calendar
2) Important Dates and Deadlines for Faculty - Office of the Provost
3) Faculty Personnel and Budget (FP&B) Meetings Schedule
4) Department Election Schedule

Chapter 2: Fundamental Tenets of Membership in the University Community

1) CUNY Statement on Academic Freedom
2) AAUP Statement on Academic Freedom

Chapter 3: Diversity and Nondiscrimination

1) The Office of Diversity and Compliance
      a) Recruitment and Search Guide
2) Statement of Nondiscrimination
3) Policy against Sexual Harassment
4) Policy regarding Individuals with Disabilities
      a) Grievances 504/ADA - Office of Diversity and Compliance

Chapter 4: Governance and Administrative Structure and Faculty/Staff Union

1) Hunter College
      a) Governance Charter
      b) Administrative Structure
      c) HC Senate
      d) Faculty Delegate Assembly (FDA)
2) The City University of New York
      a) Governance - CUNY Bylaws
      b) Organization
3) PSC-CUNY (Faculty/Staff Union)

Chapter 5: Appointments

1) Recruitment and Search Guide
2) Faculty Ranks, Titles and Criteria for Appointment
3) Salary Schedule
4) Non-reappointment of Instructional Faculty (See article 10)

Chapter 6: Faculty Responsibilities: Scholarship, Teaching, and Service

1) Scholarship, Research and Creative Work
     a) Research Offices, Resources and Policies
     b) Funding Opportunities
2) Policies, Regulations, and Norms Guiding Scholarship and Research
     a) Office of Research Compliance CUNY
     b) Institutional Review Board (IRB) - Hunter College
     c) Office of Research Integrity (ORI) US Department of Health and Human Services
     d) Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) - Hunter College
3) Teaching
      a) Workload: PSC/CUNY Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 15
      b) Learning Centers
               i) Chanin Language Center
              ii) Dolciani Math Learning Center
             iii) Physical Sciences Learning Center
             iv) Reading and Writing Center
              v) Socrates Center - Biology
       c) Resources
              i) Office of Student Services
                 a)  Advising Services
             ii) Teaching Resources - Office of the Provost

Chapter 7: Technology and Communications

1) Instructional Computing and Information Technology (ICIT)
     a) Teaching & Learning
     b) Blackboard (Bb)
     c) Class Management Tools (e.g. WebAttendance and WebGrade)
     d) Technology in Classrooms
     e) Faculty Computer Choices
2) Communications

Chapter 8: Tenure and Promotion

1) General Principles of Tenure and Promotion
     a) CUNY Board of Trustees Bylaws Section 6.2
     b) Tenure and Promotion Advice and Guidance       Coming Soon!
2) Tenure Clock
     a) Hunter College Tenure and Promotion Schedule and Procedures - Office of the Provost
     b) PSC CUNY Tenure Agreement, Extending the Tenure Clock to 7 Years
3) Certificate of Continuous Employment (CCE) for Non-Instructional Staff/Faculty
     a) CUNY Board of Trustees Bylaws Section 6.4
     b) PSC/CUNY Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 12
4) Professional Evaluation
     a) PSC/CUNY Collective Bargaining Agreement, see Articles 18, 19, 21

Chapter 9: Faculty Activities Outside of the University

1) Hunter Statement of Policy on Multiple Positions
     a) Multiple Position Report Memo and Deadlines - Office of the Provost

Chapter 10: Disputes - Academic, Administrative, Interpersonal

1) Student Related:
     a) Academic Integrity
               i) Hunter College Senate
              ii) Office of Advising Services
     b) Grade Appeals
               i) Hunter College Senate
              ii) Office of Advising Services
     c) General Education Requirement Appeals Procedures
2) Faculty - Personnel Related:
     a) Complaint, Grievance and Arbitration Procedure, Article 20
3) Ombuds Office

Chapter 11: Compensation, Benefits, Services and Support

1) Salary Pay Scale
     a) PSC/CUNY 2007-2010 Salary Schedule
2) Benefits
     a) Summary of Benefits CUNY- Full-Time Instructional Staff (Teaching and Non-Teaching)
     b) Benefits - Human Resources Hunter College - Full-Time Instructional Employees
     c) Benefit Forms (please scroll to the middle of the page)

Chapter 12: Leaves, Absences, Retirement, Holidays, Vacations, and University Closures

1) PSC/CUNY Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 14
2) Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Policy (see page 40)
3) Jury Duty
     a) Summary of Benefits CUNY (see page 41)
     b) PSC/CUNY 2002-2007, Article 17
4) Sabbatical Leave (Fellowship Leave)
     a) CUNY Board of Trustees Bylaws, Section 13.1
     b) Guidelines and Deadlines
5) Special Leave of Absence Coverage (SLOAC) (see page 41)
6) Leave for Temporary Disability
     a) CUNY Board of Trustees Bylaws Section 13.2
     b) Summary of Benefits CUNY (see page 41)
     c) PSC/CUNY 2002-2007, Article 16
7) Military Leave (see page 42)
8) Retirement Leaves (Travia Leave)
     a) CUNY Board of Trustees Bylaws Section 13.3
     b) Summary of Benefits CUNY (see page 42)
     c) PSC/CUNY 2002-2007, Article 27
9) Annual Leave
10) Leaves for Special Purposes
11) Repeated Leave
12) Leave Related Forms (see application and benefit forms sections)

Chapter 13: Campus Health and Safety

1) Public Safety - Hunter College
     a) Alcohol and Drug Policy
     b) Sexual Assault Information
     c) Physical or Cyber Stalking
     d) Bias and Hate Crimes
     e) Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders
     f) Fire Safety
2) Counseling Services
     a) For Faculty - CUNY Life Work Program (Former Employee Assistance Program)
     b) For Students
3) Policy on Smoking
4) BioSafety & Working With Extremely Hazardous Substances

Chapter 14: Additional Resources

1) Notary Public (inquire with Human Resources)
2) CUNY Alert
3) Faculty and Staff Directory
4) Institutional Research and Hunter FactBook
5) Fitness Center
6) Office of Administrative and Information Services (OASIS)
7) Photo Identification Cards - "OneCard"

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