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About the Department

Department of Psychology

Psychology is concerned with all aspects of the study of behavioral, developmental and cognitive processes, and employs a broad spectrum of approaches, from the social to the biological to understand them. The Hunter College Psychology Program reflects the diversity of psychology as a science and as a profession. Its course offerings span this spectrum from clinical, social and developmental psychology to experimental psychology, ethology, biopsychology and behavioral neuroscience.

Students have personal contact with faculty through an extensive advisement system, involvement in departmental activities and committees, supervised field placement, and participation in research laboratories under the guidance of faculty mentors as part of the independent study, honors and COR (Career Opportunities in Research and Education) programs.

A broad range of applied research opportunities are available within the department in developmental psychology, social psychology, human adjustment, animal behavior, physiological psychology and abnormal psychology. Departmental affiliations with mental health and community organizations make it possible for students to integrate their academic studies of personality, abnormal and child psychology with supervised practical experience by means of field placements and opportunities for applied research.

The Department of Psychology offers two master's programs: an MA in Psychology and an MA in Animal Behavior and Conservation (ABC). The master's program in psychology allows students to tailor their studies and thesis work toward the areas of Applied, Developmental, Social and/or Biological Psychology. The master's in the ABC is designed for students interested in the fields of Animal Behavior, Conservation, and Animal Welfare. Hunter College also offers a Certificate under the ABC program (registered with the New York State Education Department) and open to post-baccalaureate students who by virtue of prior education or experience are qualified for additional training. Hunter's Psychology Faculty are also on the faculty of several doctoral programs housed at the CUNY Graduate Center. Qualified undergraduate students in their senior year may be admitted to graduate courses with the approval of the instructor and the department's graduate advisor. The presence of graduate programs at Hunter increases opportunities for undergraduates to interact and work with graduate students in research laboratories.