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Undergraduate Advising

Advising Hours

Advising hours may change from week to week, so please refer to the following for the coming week's schedule.


Supervisor: Maria-Helena Reis

Advisors: Jean Ryan and Eli Rodriguez

Phone: 212-772-5550
Office: Room 611, Hunter North

Advising Resources

Notifications and Forms

All advising forms can now be accessed on our advising forms page.

There are also a number of Advising Bulletin Boards in the corridor outside of Room 611HN. These display a Calendar of Advising Events and information about registration, advising hours, jobs, psychology in the news, and other topics of interest to majors.


Registration/Advising Policies

Students who do not have the necessary prerequisites will not be permitted to register. The department does regular audits, and you will be dropped from any courses for which you do not have the appropriate prerequisites. This may jeopardize your financial aid or full-time status. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that these requirements have been met.

Please bring your transcripts from all schools when meeting with an advisor.

Graduation audits and U.S. transfer credit evaluation (provide catalog course description) by Inbox only.

Please refer to the Hunter College catalog for more information on Psychology courses.


Psychology 201 Independent/ Filed Study (3 Credits)

Psychology 201 is not a required class for psychology majors, but it is extremely important for any student who wishes to apply for graduate school.  Click here for more details.


Psychology Major Handbook (Written by current Psychology Majors at Hunter College.)


Psychology Major Advice