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Brooke Wells

Ph.D., The Graduate Center, CUNY, Social & Personality Psychology

Department of Psychology
Hunter College, Room
695 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065

My research investigates health behavior and decision-making within the developmental context of emerging adulthood. I apply social psychological perspectives to investigate two overarching questions that guide my research agenda. First, what are the social influences on health behaviors and for whom and how are those factors influential? Second, what are the developmental, individual, and contextual factors involved in sexual decisions and relationships and what are the mechanisms of action and interaction among these factors? To answer those questions, I currently serve as a Co-Investigator on a NICHD-funded study examining the relationship between alcohol and sexual behavior among emerging adults (ages 18-29). I have also received NIDA funding to develop a pilot study to test the potential for expressive writing to be used as an intervention for conflicting cognitions and emotions around condom use. My overarching professional goals are to produce theoretically grounded research that informs understandings of sexual health and substance use and abuse, thus providing specific targets on which to intervene to improve both sexual health and substance use outcomes.

Selected Publications

Wells, B. E., Starks, J. T., Parsons, J. T., & Golub, S. A. (in press). Conflict and Sexual Expectancies Interact to Predict Sexual Behaviour Under the Influence Among Gay and Bisexual Men.  Journal of Health Psychology.

Wells, B. E., Kelly, B. C., Pawson, M., LeClair, A., Parsons, J. T., & Golub, S. A. (2013). Correlates of Concurrent Energy Drink and Alcohol Use among Socially Active Adults. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 39(1), 8-15.

Khan, M., Berger, A., & Wells, B. E., Cleland, C. (2012).  Longitudinal Associations between Adolescent Alcohol Use and Adulthood Sexual Risk Behavior and Sexually Transmitted Infection in the United States: Assessment of Differences by Race.  American Journal of Public Health, 102(5), 867-876. PMID: 22493999

Wells, B. E., Golub, S., & Parsons, J. T.  (2011). An Integrated Theoretical Approach to Substance Use and Risky Sexual Behavior among Men who have Sex with Men.  AIDS & Behavior, 15, 509-520. PMID: 20677019; PMC3705646

Wells, B. E., Kelly, B. C., Golub, S., Grov, C., & Parsons, J.T. (2010). Patterns of alcohol consumption and sexual behavior in nightclubs. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 36, 39-45. PMID: 20141395

Wells, B. E. & Twenge, J. M. (2005). Changes in Sexual Behavior and Attitudes, 1943-1999: A Cross-Temporal Meta-Analysis. Review of General Psychology, 9, 249-261.