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Developmental Psychology


Tracy Dennis

Emotion Regulation
Developmental Psychopathology
Affective Neuroscience
Parenting and Contextual Influences


Roseanne Flores

Lanuage Acquisition
Cognitive Development
Children and Poverty
Children and Culture


James Gordon

Color Vision
Pattern Vision
Human Visual Development


Joseph Lao


Cognitive Development
Parenting Skills


Amber J. Martin

Language Acquisition
Spatial Language and Spatial Cognition
Sign Language Acquisition
Effects of Delayed First Language Acquisition


Jeffery T. Parsons

Adolescent Development
Risk Taking
HIV/AIDS Prevention
Health Psychology
Gay/Lesbian Issues
Substance Abuse
Sexual Behavior


Sandeep Prasada

Conceptual & Lexical Representation in the Mind and Brain
Language Acquisition


Kimberly Robinson

The Effects on Minority Stress on Psychological Well-Being and Health Behaviors


Tricia Skoler

Infant Development
Social Cognition  


Virgina Valian