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Congratulations to the CUNY Weightlifting team.  They competed in the 2014 National University Championships this September 25-28, 2014 in Albuquerque, New Mexico and took third place in the Women's team.  The members of the CUNY team included (from left to right):  Beth Terranova (Hunter DPT student), Joseph Triolo (Coach), Andrea Sieban (Hunter DPT student) and Svetlana Vileshina (Baruch College).

Congratulations to one of the research groups in the Class of 2014 on their poster presentation at the 3rd International Symposium on Gait and Balance in Multiple Sclerosis in October, 2013.  The faculty mentor and presenter was Dr. Herb Karpatkin, and the student presenters were Stefanie DiCarrado, Bridget Dungan, Elizabeth Huallpo and Jacob Potrzeba. The title of the poster was "Six Minute Walk Test Performance Improves in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis with Intermittent as Opposed to Continuous Training Protocols". 

Congratulations to another of the research groups in the Class of 2014 on their platform presentation at the American Physical Therapy Association Combined Section Meeting in Las Vegas in February, 2014.  The presenter was Jinny McGivern under the guidance of the research group of Mark Lusk, PT, DPT, Susan Pivko, PT, DPT, Gary Brooks, PT, DrPH, DPT and classmates Heather Cole, Anna Morejon, Tiffany Sudol-Horowitz.  The title of the platform presentation was "The Performance of Dancers on the Lower Quadrant Y-Balance (YBT-LQ).


DPT Student Wins Bronze Medal at Weightlifting Championship:
On April 6, 2013, Beth Terranova, a First Year student in the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program at Hunter College competed in the National University Weightlifting Championships, which was hosted by East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Representing CUNY, Ms. Terranova competed as a 53 kg lifter, making five of six attempts and placed Third in the Snatch Event (Bronze Medal 57 kg), fourth in the Clean and Jerk (66 kg), and Fourth overall (123 kg total).

Ms. Terranova is “very proud to represent CUNY” and “hopes this inspires some students to try Olympic-style weightlifting.”  Ms. Terranova is also excited at the prospect of creating a CUNY team – in association with the DPT Program at the College of Staten Island – for the 2014 competition.

Congratulations to Sam Yohannan, PT, MS, Patricia Tufaro, OTR/L, Hope Hunter, PT, Lauren Orleman, SPT, Sara Palmatier, SPT, Canace Sang, SPT, et al on receiving the American Burn Association 2011 Clinical Research Award for their manuscript entitled The Efficacy of Nintendo® Wii™ During Post-Burn Rehabilitation:  A Pilot Study.  The primary clinicians are affiliated with NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, Dept. of Rehab. Medicine.  The students participated in this study as a graduation requirement in the Hunter College/Graduate Center of CUNY, Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program.

I am delighted to announce that Hunter College has been named the #2 "Best Value" public college in the country for 2010, according to The Princeton Review and USA Today. This is the second year in a row that Hunter has ranked among the top 10.

Our leap from #8 to #2 is a clear validation of the success of Hunter's mission -- making an excellent education affordable to all. It is once again particularly gratifying to receive this recognition at a time when so many young people in New York and across the country are wondering how, or if, they can attend college.

The Princeton Review noted what we've known all along – "The school's faculty is a huge asset. Professors are very often experts in their fields, and they work hard to accommodate undergraduates."

We have already been featured on a Today Show segment about the rankings and Channel 7 News' 5pm broadcast.

We thank you, as always, for your role in helping make Hunter an institution of true value – in every sense of the word.

Jennifer J. Raab

"Hunter Ranks Among the Top Ten of the Nation’s Best Value Public Schools"  
-- The Princeton Review, 2009

Hi Dr K , this is Lottoya Manderson. Hope all is well with you, your family and the staff at Hunter. In my last email I mentioned that I would keep you up to date on my future endeavors. Well since I last saw you I finished up traveling and finally settled down in Florida. I am now working at the University of Miami Hospital and the staff here is phenomenal. I thought about the staff at Hunter today because I was asked to sit in on a meeting regarding starting up a pulmonary rehab program at the hospital.  I mentioned Amy Hess who was the instructor for the cardiopulmonary rehab class when I was there at Hunter (who I thought was an outstanding instructor) and it so happens that they were familiar with her work. It just made me think what a small world the field of Physical Therapy is. I also wanted to mention this to you because I think its important to always give credit where its due. I personally think that Hunter College has one of the best PT programs around and its reputation is well known and respected all around the country. I just wanted to thank all the staff there at Hunter for preparing me so well and to say keep up the good work. I always speak highly of you guys and will continue to do

I wanted to thank you for the incredibly informative presentation at the open house last night.I have attended many open houses and yours was by far the most thoughtful and specific. You obviously care a great deal about both the DPT program and Hunter College. It is very encouraging to see. Thank you again...  Allison G. (Open House, October, 2013)

"New Yorkers need look no further than Manhattan's 68th Street for a prestigious and affordable degree."   -- The New York Post, 2009

Dr. Krasilovsky,
Thank you for taking the time to meet with us and discuss your DPT program. I have met with nearly every school in the NY metropolitan area, and the content of your information session by far outweighed any of the other schools I have been considering.   It's clear that you are genuinely passionate about your role as a Physical Therapist and as an educator. I thank you again for your candid advice.                       

-- Comment from Open House, March 2010

"A posh and accessible location on Manhattan's East Side and a solid reputation in the sciences, social work, and English make the City University's crown jewel a great choice for self-motivated students who seek an affordable public education."

-- Time Magazine and The Princeton Review, "The Best 331 Colleges", 2000

Dr. Krasilovsky,
Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us this evening. I have been to various information sessions, spoke with former DPT students and even met with admissions counselors, but none were as helpful as you were tonight. Your love for the field is clear and your unbiased approach is refreshing. Meeting with you has boosted confidence regarding my level of preparedness, while at the same time served up a dose of reality.

-- Open House, March 2010

Dr. Krasilovsky, I feel compelled to write this letter of appreciation to you and the entire faculty.  When I chose Hunter College I did so for both professional and personal reasons.  Dr. K., you have created a school that prides intself on academic excellence, offers a varied and comprehensive schedule of classes, and has a respected reputation amongst rehab hospitals and practicing therapists....  The teachers and supporting faculty at the P T Program are absolutely incredible.  The open door policy from each and every one of them encourages constant communication and expadns the opportunity for learning way beyond the classroom doors.  The teachers utilize various teaching tools to tap into each student individually and keep the subject matter alive to use.... At each of my affiliation sites I've seen the look of respect on people's faces when I tell them that I'm a Hunter student.  They expect more from us and that's because for all these years, you did too.

Chaya G., Class of 2006

Just finished my site visits with our new site outside of Richmond, VA. Tim Wittenauer at Advanced PT (An IPA based and Manual therapy clinic) said he would hire either one of our students there if they would stay. He said Hunter students can get into the clinic running while the students from their local Virginia school are too research evidence based and don't have the practical, full patient picture we teach.  

Clinical Site visit by our DCE, Dr. Pivko, February, 2011

"The passionate faculty and demanding curriculum of Hunter's Physical Therapy Program motivated and prepared me to excel in my career. The program's emphasis on critical thinking and evidence based practice made my transition from classroom to clinic an easy one. The scope of study ensured my successful completion of the licensing exam. Many thanks for a rewarding educational experience."

-- Michael Ingino, Physical Therapy Class of 2000

"The faculty have demanded a high degree of excellence and dedication and they have presented us with an example of professionalism. They are all consummate advocates of our profession, tirelessly encouraging our participation in the American Physical Therapy Association, to become involved in our own futures." ... "It wasn't until my affiliations that I realized how well known they were, and how highly regarded they are as clinicians and educators. We have been fortunate indeed."

-- Colin Symmonds, President, Physical Therapy Class of 2000

"I would like to thank the Hunter College Physical Therapy Program for providing me with an excellent education and a strong background in physical therapy. The entire staff was truly dedicated and devoted to providing us with the knowledge and skills we need to succeed. The faculty was always understanding to the needs of the students and worked together with us throughout our stay at Hunter."

-- Bayla Tessler, Physical Therapy Class of 2001

"Hunter's PT program is not your typical PT program. While academic and clinical excellence are amongst its primary goals, they are achieved in a warm, friendly, and respectful environment. The student is considered a person too, and this definitely facilitates and eases the rigorous curriculum."

-- Esther Englard, Physical Therapy Class of 2001

"I want to say thank you to all of the faculty for the wonderful education I received there. I was one of those students that kept all my notes and textbooks and refer to them often. I love being a physical therapist and I have all of you to thank for making my dream a reality."                     -- Mary Lubniewski, Physical Therapy Class of 1999