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On behalf of the students, faculty and administration of Hunter College and the Physical Therapy Program, I want to thank all of those listed below for your thoughtful and generous donation toward the restoration of our program equipment.  We may be unable to thank each of you individually, but we appreciate your reaching out to us and offering your support and best wishes.  Hunter administration and CUNY are rebuilding and providing incredible resources, and your donations will add to our efforts for re-establishing a high quality program.  This listing is my way of acknowledging your support.  Thank you again.    Gary Krasilovsky, Program Director

$500.00 and up

Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education
Donald Darling
Elon University Physical Therapy Program
Margo Potrzeba
New York Physical Therapy Association Long Island District
New York Physical Therapy Association, Academic Administrators Special interest group
Robert Ayers
Saint Louis University Physical Therapy Student Council and Faculty
Temple Doctor of Physical Therapy Student Association

$499.00 to $200.00

Catherine O'Sullivan
David Somers
Emie Epelman
Hyunseok Lee
Kaitie Carr
Kevin Kilcullen & Joan Pereira
Kimberly Topp
Mitchell Cuan
Natasha Starinac-Stankovic
Stephen Folger
Terrence Nordstrom

$199.00 to $100.00

Benjamin Kalinowitz
Bill Benish
Carrie S. Foeller
Cheryl Gillespie
Christine Conklin
Daniel Armstrong
Danielle Napolione
David and Diane Griffin
Diana L
Esther Klein
Gary Krasilovsky
Jane Freund
Jenni Kessler
Jill Horbacewicz
Joanne Katz
Keith Heischober
Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
Kelly Archidiacono
Laura Buckholz
Laura Isham
Lauren Katz Buchsbaum
Linda Tsoumas
Marc Campolo
Meghan Morrissey
Melanie Elan
Miriam Hill
Natalie Horowitz
Patricia Erickson
Sandra Kaplan
Sandra Mortensen
Sharon A. Martino
Stacy and Steven Colantonio
Suet Miao
Suzann Campbell
Suzanne Jordan
Tahnee Bent
Talia Sosnovitch
Tamara Pugach
Tejbir Sandhu
Yamilette Ronda-Velez
Yohei Imoto

$99.00 to $50.00

Christina Antonovich
Dan Roth
Dara Saker
Elizabeth Ruckert
Inna Kouperman
Jacob Potrzeba
Katherine Myers
Laura Filipponi
Laurie Heiner
Leticia Monterio-Jacquet
Lolline Chong
Michael Zervas
Mila Grinberg
Molly Saunders
Nina Chia
Nitza Aharoni
Nora Francis
Patti Lue Shue
Sarah Connors
Stacy Fritz
Steven Magliano
Sue Ock
Susan Barker
Tatyana Farber
Tiffany Rivera

Under $50.00

Aleksandra Kuta
Amanda Heaton
Amy Chan
Bridget Dungan
Dennis Fell
Elisabeth Friedeman
Heather Cole
Heather Kleinman
Ira Gorman
Jessica List
Kendall Black
Linda Eargle
Nataliya Kukil
Queen Phamle
Shira Marvit
Sophia Shayek
Srikant Vallabhajosula
Vanessa Diamond

Non-monetary Donors

Leslie Portney
Slack Publishers
Texas Physical Therapy Association
F. A. Davis Publishers
Books of Discovery
Laurita Hack