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For updated COVID-19 related information and updated building hours, visit Hunter's Focus on Campus page.


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Protocol for Active Shooter Situations

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My-EOP is a smartphone quick reference application that helps keep our Hunter community prepared for emergency situations by allowing immediate access to our Emergency Operating Procedures.



Receive text or voice alerts of emergencies or weather related closings on your campus via cell or home phone and email. Stay A!ert.



Hunter Campus Maps & Boundaries

Page Main Campus 68th & Lexington
Page Brookdale campus 25th Street & 1st Avenue
BROOKDALE CAMPUS: 425 East 25th Street (MAP 3) College property for the Brookdale Campus is from the edge of the sidewalk to the actual building structure. On East 25th Street there is a large courtyard and tennis courts that are part of the Brookdale Campus. Brookdale extends the length of East 25th Street from 1st Avenue East to the DR Drive. On 1st Avenue from East 25th Street North to East 26th Street and on East 26th Street East to the FDR Drive. On the East side the campus is bordered by the FDR Drive. Also in that area is a faculty/staff parking lot.
Page Silberman School of Social Work East 119th Street & 3rd Avenue
SILBERMAN SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK: 2180 3rd Avenue, Manhattan , Corner of East 119th and 3rd Avenue. College property for the Silberman School of Social Work is from the edge of the sidewalk of the East side of 3rd Avenue to the actual building structure. Also the North curb of East 119th Street to the North side of the Campus.
Page Hunter Campus HS 94th Street & Park Ave.
HUNTER CAMPUS HIGH SCHOOL: 71 East 94th Street (MAP 4) School property for the Hunter Campus High School is from the edge of the sidewalk to the actual building structure. It includes a playground area located to the West of the rear of the school and part of an armory tower along Madison Avenue. The school property encompasses the entire length of Park Avenue from East 94th Street, North to East 95th Street. East 94th Street from Park avenue West to Madison Avenue. Madison Avenue from East 94th Street North to East 95th Street; east 95th Street from Madison Avenue East to Park Avenue.
Page Voorhees (MFA) Campus 41st Street and Dyer Ave.
VOORHEES CAMPUS (MFA): 450 West 41st Street (MAP 5) College property for the Voorhees Campus is from the edge of the sidewalk to the actual building structure. The campus faces West 41st Street between 400 West 41st Street and 460 West 41st Street. The rear of the building is on West 40th Street between Dyer Avenue West to the rear of 460 West 41st Street.
Page Roosevelt House - Public Policy Institute at Hunter College
Located at 47-49 East 65th Street between Madison Avenue and Park Avenues.
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Campus Access

For updated building hours, please visit Hunter's Campus Information page.

For access to Hunter's various library branches, please check the hours of operations website.


Using Your OneCard (Hunter ID) at Hunter

This is a friendly reminder from the Office of the Dean of Students regarding Hunter College's policy on using your OneCard while on campus at Hunter College. These measures are in place for your own safety and that of the Hunter community.

  1. All members of the college community are responsible for having their Hunter OneCard with them while on campus at all times.
  2. Your Hunter OneCard is non-transferrable and may not be used by any other person, for any reason.
  3. Allowing other persons to use your Hunter OneCard to gain entry on to Hunter's campus or to use campus facilities is a violation of Hunter College's policy and may result in that person receiving a summons for Trespassing.
  4. Improper use of your Hunter ID may also result in your card being deactivated.

For more information about the One Card, please visit the One Card website.

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