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Warning to Hunter students and Faculty: Public Safety recently became aware of an internet scam where the web site, or e-mail, appears to be another Hunter member asking you to become a "secret shopper". In this scam the unknown person would mail you a check  and request that you deposit it and immediately go out and purchase a certain gift card or product and mail it back to them. Within two days after depositing the check that was mailed to you the bank will contact you to say that the check was worthless or insufficient funds. Please be aware of these various internet scams.





Protocol for Active Shooter Situations

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Receive text or voice alerts of emergencies or weather related closings on your campus via cell or home phone and email. Stay A!ert.

Using Your OneCard (Hunter ID) at Hunter

This is a friendly reminder from the Office of the Dean of Students regarding Hunter College's policy on using your OneCard while on campus at Hunter College. These measures are in place for your own safety and that of the Hunter community.

  1. All members of the college community are responsible for having their Hunter OneCard with them while on campus at all times.
  2. Your Hunter OneCard is non-transferrable and may not be used by any other person, for any reason.
  3. Allowing other persons to use your Hunter OneCard to gain entry on to Hunter's campus or to use campus facilities is a violation of Hunter College's policy and may result in that person receiving a summons for Trespassing.
  4. Improper use of your Hunter ID may also result in your card being deactivated.

For more information about the One Card, please visit the One Card website.



Campus Security Guidelines

All entrances to the 68th Street campus and the Silberman School of Social Work at East 119th Street are now equipped with turnstiles or scanners that operate with the Hunter OneCard, much like MetroCards on subways and buses. One tap gives you access to the campus. The new system is easy and convenient, but it does require everyone’s cooperation:

  1. While on campus, all members of the Hunter community must carry a valid OneCard.
  2. Everyone entering the college must use the OneCard at a turnstile or scanner. It will speed up your trip and help avoid backups if you have your card already out before you get there.
  3. If you forget your OneCard, stop at the Visitors Center where a Public Safety Officer or Visitors Associate will verify your status and give you access to the campus.
  4. If your card is lost or stolen, report it to the Department of Public Safety as soon as possible. The old card will be deactivated and a new one issued for a $10 fee. See the OneCard Office schedule for more information. OneCard Office is located in Hunter West 203.
  5. Visitors should go to the Visitors Center and show a photo ID to obtain a pass that will give them access to the campus.
  6. Food delivery people should go to the Visitors Center, which will notify the person getting the delivery.
  7. If you are expecting a large outside group or arranging a special event, please give the Visitors Center advance notice by calling (212) 396-6666 or emailing Every courtesy and cooperation will be extended, consistent with campus security.

Please be advised that any member of the Hunter community who tries to bypass the system will be subject to disciplinary action, and outsiders may be prosecuted for trespassing.

What is a violation?

  • Jumping over a turnstile.
  • Forcing your way through a turnstile.
  • Following behind someone without swiping.
  • Entering through an exit door.
  • Lending a OneCard to someone else to swipe, or swiping someone else’s card.
  • Holding open a scanner-equipped door for someone who has not swiped in.
  • Failing to follow directions from a Public Safety Officer or Visitors Center Associate.

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West Lobby and Campus Access

Please note that the West Building Lobby is accessible Monday - Thursday, 6:30 am - 11 pm; Friday, 6:30 am - 10:30 pm; and Saturday and Sunday 6:30 am - 8 pm. All other entrances to the 68th Street campus are closed from 10:30 pm to 6:30 am every night.

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