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ANTHC 306 Folklore and Myth (3hrs.,3cr.)

Introduction to the comparative study of folklore with particular emphasis on myths and other types of oral literature including fairy tales, Chelm stories, toasts, soundings (ritual insults), riddles and jokes. Various approaches to the study of folklore and oral traditions will be examined, especially the structural analysis of Levi-Strauss, and the recent developing interest of folklorists in performance through films of actual Yanammamoll myth performances. Students will be encouraged to collect samples of folklore with which they are familiar or in which they are interested as a basis for their term papers.


AFPRL 141 Puerto Rican Folklore (3hrs., 3cr.)

This course is a study of the main expressions of Puerto Rican folklore; traditional 'beliefs, legends, customs, feasts, religious rites, popular poetry, and typical music. Also develops researches around the folkloric transplantations among the Puerto Ricans who live in New York.


CHIN 111 Chinese Culture (3hrs., 3cr.)

Introduction to Chinese cultural tradition, with emphasis on Pre-Chin period, the Age of Philosophers and classics: Confucius, Lao Tzu, Mencius, Hsun Tzu, Han Fei Tzu, among others. Lectures and readings in English.


CHIN 112 Chinese Culture II (3hrs., 3cr.)

Emphasis on modern transformation against background of classical tradition. Lectures and readings in English. Not currently given.


CLA 101 Classical Mythology (3hrs., 3cr.)

Greek and Roman myth as represented in ancient art and literature, with emphasis on modern interpretation and theories.. Especially recommended to those interested primarily in modern literature, whether English or foreign or in art.


CLA 302. Comparative Backgrounds of Classical Mythology (3hrs., 3cr.)

An exploration of the mythological systems that bear on classical mythology, including Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Sumerian, Babylonian, Hittite, Ugaritic and Celtic myths. Reading of the ancient sources in translation and of modern theoretical analysis. Especially recommended to those students who have taken CLA 101.


HEBR 288 Ancient Hebraic Folklore (3hrs., 3cr.)

A survey of general trends and intensive study of specific examples of folk beliefs, folk practices, and folk literature as preserved or reflected in the Hebrew Bible, apocryphal literature, and Rabbinic texts. Special emphasis will be placed on the comparative study of ancient Hebraic folklore in the light of cross- cultural parallels. All texts will be read in English.


HEBR 295 Ancient Hebraic Law (3hrs., 3cr.)

Historical and comparative study of Biblical and Rabbinic law. Readings and lectures in English.


HEBR 290 Biblical Archeology (3hrs., 3cr.)

Comprehensive study of ancient Israelite history as reflected in Biblical and ancient Near Eastern sources, and as illuminated by archeological discoveries in Israel and the Near East. Course begins with the patriarchal period and ends with the Israelite settlement of Canaan. Readings and lectures in English.


HEBR 296 Dead Sea Scrolls in English (3hrs., 3cr.)

Close study of the major Dead Sea Scrolls in English translation, e.g.; the "community rule," sectarian hymns, Biblical manuscripts, and Biblical commentaries. The historical background of the sect at Qumran will be studied from contemporary literary evidence as well as archeological excavation at the site. The Scrolls will be considered from the standpoint of their historical, literary, and religious content, as well as their significance for the history of Judaism and Christianity. Special attention will be given to parallels between the Scrolls and the New Testament.

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