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His second children's book, Clemente!, won the 2011 Américas Award for Children's and Young Adult Literature.  Click HERE for a link to the title. Also, Willie Perdomo will be on the VONA and Cooper Union Outreach Program faculty this summer.  Here are the links: The Voices and The Outreach Pre-College Program.






Press Release: Ay Ombe theatre´s I OM BE Press, with great delight presents Levente no. Yolayorkdominicanyork. The book is a close relative of the blog kept by its main character, Quisqueya Amada Taína Anaísa Altagracia, since 2008. Also known as “la Kay” and “la Gorda”, Quisqueya Amada Taína Anaísa Altagracia tells the stories of the people living in her building, El Ni ‘e. In the words of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize winner Junot Díaz:

"Josefina Báez has been breaking open hearts and re-ordering minds for more years than I care to count. She is one of North America's finest artists and she is, without question, one of my favorite writers.  She is a sword bathed in flame, she's a marvel. Levente no.Yolayorkdominicanyork is her finest work yet."

For more information, please click HERE . See the book presentation at