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The Editrice Carabba just published the Italian translation by Alessandro Tenaglia of Professor emerita Maria Paynter's book On Friendship and Freedom: The Correspondence of Ignazio Silone and Marcel Fleischmann with the title: Ignazio Silone e Marcel Fleischmann. Amicizia e Liberta'."

Professor emerita Maria Nicolai Paynter presented her new book, ON FRIENDSHIP AND FREEDOM: THE CORRESPONDENCE OF IGNAZIO SILONE AND MARCEL FLEISCHMANN at the Mediamuseum, Pescara, Italy. The Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, added the book to its bookstore and library holdings.

Professor emerita Maria Nicolai Paynter review-article of Dante Marianacci's SCENARI DELLA MENTE was published in FORUM ITALICUM's Feb. 1, 2017 issue. 

Professor Emerita María Paynter's new book, On Friendship and Freedom: The Correspondence of Ignazio Silone and Marcel Fleischmann is scheduled for publication by the University of Toronto Press in July 2016!

The Richmond University Medical Center Chronicle interviews their newest intern and soon to be Hunter Alumn of the Spanish/English Translation & Interpretation Program: Carlos Aguero... Read more! 

Local Newspaper "Voices of NY" praises the Hunter College Spanish/English Translation & Interpretation Program along with its founder, Professor María Cornelio... Read more! 

The Hunter College Department of Romance Languages invites you to a conversation about the Creative Process with Marta Aponte Alsina on Nov. 4th, 2015 @ 7PM HW504... CLICK HERE for more info!...................... CLICK HERE for pictures and videos!

The Hunter College Department of Romance Languages invites you to an Evening on Global Migrations with a roundtable of experts on October 14th, 2015... CLICK HERE for more info!

Calabritto, Monica. “Italian Literature.” In Oxford Bibliographies in Renaissance and Reformation. Ed. Margaret King. New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

Monica Calabritto gave a paper entitled "Insanity, legal evidence and truth in early modern Bologna" at the Renaissance Society of America which took place in New York at the end of March 2014 and another entitled "The Notion of Evidence and the Changing Epistemology in Early Modern Italian Medicine and Law" at the American Association of Italian  Studies in Zurich, Switzerland, May 23-25, 2014. She also organized two sessions entitled "EVIDENCE IN MEDICINE, ASTROLOGY, THEOLOGY, AND NATURAL PHILOSOPHY I & II".

Professor María Paynter's translation of Il Fosso by Laudomia Bonanni was published as The Ditch in ITALIANISTICA, Rivista Internazionale di lingua e cultura Italiana, vol.II, 2013, pp.7-86. 

Professor María Paynter's critical edition of The Correspondence of Ignazio Silone and Marcel Fleischmann has been accepted for publication by the University of Toronto Press. 

The Department of Romance Languages along with the Hunter College Graduate School of Education announce their new Master's and Advanced Certificate in Bilingual Education with French-specific bilingual education courses. For more information, click here

Professor Calabritto recently published "A family matter turned ugly: the murder of Leone Marescotti, 1522", in _Renaissance Studies in Honor of Joseph Connors_ edited by Machtelt Israels and Louis A. Waldman (Harvard: Harvard UP, Villa I Tatti Series, 29,2013) 186-191.

Professor will talk, along with Vincent Carey (Vincent Carey, History/SUNY Plattsburgh & Visiting Professor/Queens) on "Comparative Perspectives on Writing Micro-History." The lecture will take place on December 6, 2013 and is sponsored by the Certificate Program in Renaissance Studies at The Graduate Center, CUNY.

Pliegues visuales: narrativa y fotografía en la novela latinoamericana contemporánea de Magdalena Perkowska explora  un corpus de novelas publicadas en América Latina a partir de la década de los ochenta, que combinan la narración de una historia ficcional con fotografías, evidenciando un desdibujamiento intermedial de las fronteras discursivas y la heterogeneidad de la representación.

La crítica  suele atribuir una función muy limitada a las transacciones intermediales en la foto-novela: la fotografía ilustraría el texto o suplantaría la descripción, o el texto simplemente describiría una imagen fotográfica. Polemizando con esta percepción, la autora de Pliegues visuales sostiene que la presencia de las fotografías interrumpe el fluir de la narración y crea un pliegue que perturba la representación, tensionando lo visible y lo legible, lo visual y lo verbal, la presencia y la ausencia. Al problematizar la recepción e intensificar la mirada del lector, el pliegue visual revela mezclas semióticas, tensiones discursivas y complejidades semánticas que, a su vez, producen significados estéticos, éticos y políticos en los cuales se articulan las preocupaciones y debates de la época actual. Vista de esta manera, la foto-novela no es solo un lugar de encuentro formal entre dos medios, sino también un objeto cultural en cuya materialidad heterogénea se articulan los discursos sociales e históricos de una América Latina situada entre el final de un siglo y el principio del otro.Para mas información, presione aqui! 

Professor Ender translated into French, for Editions Garnier, her chapter on nineteenth-century lyrical poetry that first appeared in French Global: A New French Literary History (Columbia University Press, 2010). Her essay is entitled "Poètes en mal de pays : les paradoxes du lyrisme dans la France du dix-neuvième siècle" (announced for fall 2013). 

Prof. Calabritto will be a guest speaker at the  NEH Summer Seminar entitled "Researching Early Modern Manuscripts and Printed Books" organized by Clare Carroll and Marc Caball at the New York Academy of Medicine, on July 3, 2013

Professor Evelyne Ender presented "Inside a Red Cover: Proust and the Art of the Book" at the Proust and the Arts conference at Harvard, in April 2013.

Professor Evelyne Ender spoke on Beckett, Proust, and memory "La mémoire proustienne à l'épreuve de Beckett" at the 20/21st Century French and Francophone Studies in Atlanta, in March 2013.

Prof. Calabritto will be a guest speaker at the History of Science, Medicine and Technology Colloquium at Johns Hopkins University, where she will talk about her  book manuscript  "The madman, the evidence and the 'truth'. A criminal case of homicidal insanity, Bologna, 1588"  on April 11, 2013

Professor Maria Paynter's translation of Laudomia Bonanni's "Il fosso" THE DITCH has been accepted for publication in ITALIANISTICA, Rivista del CISDID, spring 2013. See

Professor Maria Paynter delivered a paper on the correspondence of Ignazio Silone and Marcel Fleischmann: NOTE SUL CARTEGGIO INEDITO SILONE/FLEISCHMANN, Centro Studi Ignazio Silone, Pescina dei Marsi, Italy, August 22, 2012.  The paper received coverage in the local press and was accepted for publication in PROSPETTIVA PERSONA, spring 2013. See

Professor Calabrito recently published "Curing Melancholia in Sixteenth-Century Medical Consilia between Theory and Practice" Medicina nei secoli. Journal of History of Medicine. 24/3 (2012) 627-664

Professor Hernandez-Ojeda published her article “El espíritu del río: una novela transatlántica,” Anuario de Estudios Atlánticos, 58. Cabildo de Gran Canaria, 2012. 645-677.

Professor Ender spoke at the MLA on George Sand: "Une plume qui court sur le papier: avancées technologiques et créativité," in January 2013.

Professor Evelyne Ender was appointed to the Editorial Board of PMLA in the fall of 2012.

French/Spanish double major Erjona Koni was selected for a competitive internship with the Tournées Festival program at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

Professor Hernandez-Ojeda published her edited book Canarias, Cuba y Francia: Los exilios literarios de Nivaria Tejera, in Spanish publishing house Torremozas in May, 2012.

Prof. Calabritto was the moderator of the  roundtable "New Trends in the History of Science and Medicine"  organized by the Renaissance Studies Certificate Program and the Renaissance Society of America  at the Graduate Center, CUNY, on October 19, 2012.

Professor Hernandez-Ojeda contributed an entry to the following dictionary publication “Nivaria Tejera” Passages et Ancrages: Dicctionare des écrivaines migrants de langue française (1981-2011). Paris: Honoré Champio Éditeur, 2012. 811-13

Professor Ender spoke at the Graduate Center on the Romantic Century, on "Fashioning Modernism? Rimbaud meets Verlaine meets Debussy," in January 2012.

 Professor Monica Calabritto'e peer-reviewed essay "Tasso's melancholy and its treatment: a patient's uneasy relationship with medicine and physicians" appeared in the book _Diseases of the Imagination and Imaginary Disease in the Early Modern Period_ edited by Yasmin Haskell (Turnhout: Brepols, 2011, 201-227). See for more information

Professor Monica Calabritto's essay "Examples, References and Quotations in Sixteenth-Century Medical Texts" appeared in the book _Citation, Intertextuality, and Memory in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries_ edited by Yolanda Plumley, Giuliano Di Bacco and Stefano Jossa (Exeter: University of Exeter Press 2011, 58-73). See,_Intertextuality_and_Memory_in_the_Middle_Ages_and_Renaissance.html for more information.

Professor Rolando Pérez recently published his book Severo Sarduy and the Neo-Baroque Image of Thought in the Visual Arts with Purdue University Press. For more information please see

Professor Maria Paynter's essay: Percezioni ed espressioni letterarie sull'Italia e l'identita' nazionale has been accepted for publication in RELIT - Revista de Estudos Literários Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil. See  December 2011 issue.

Professor Magdalena Perkowska presented a paper entitled “La bandera como un significante vacío:  colonialidad del poder y nación imposible en El misterio de san Andrés de Dante Liano” at III Congreso Centroamericano de Estudios Culturales, University of California, Nortridge, June 2-5, 2011.

Student Dulce Wechsler (BA in Spanish) has been accepted to the Ph.D program at Rutgers University. Furthermore, she has been the recipient of a prestigious funding package only offered to two graduate students (out of sixty applicants) for five years. She will also receive tuition remission and health benefits. Dulce will begin her studies in the fall 2011.

Professor Magdalena Perkowska’s article “La infamia de las historias y la ética de la escritura en la novela centroamericana contemporánea” has been accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal Istmo. Revista virtual de estudios literarios y culturales centroamericanos (forthcoming in June 2011).           

Professor María Hernández-Ojeda delivered a lecture entitled "Revolutionary Women Writers: Anarchist Representations of Latin America in the Early 20th Century" at the New York Public Library, Stephen A. Schwarzman Building on June 28 at 6pm.  This lecture is part of a series entitled Cinco Ventanas: Five Windows to the politics and arts of the Spanish Speaking World. Click HERE for the series information.To view the informational flyer for Professor Hernandez's lecture, click HERE.

Professor Ender was respondent to Erik Parens (Senior Researcher, Hastings Center) for "What Neuroscience Can-and-Can't Teach Us about Being Human" on April 1, 4:00-6:00 pm, Concourse 198 as part of the NeuroCulture lecture series organized jointly by the Center for the Study of Women and Society and the Center for the Humanities at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Professor Magdalena Perkowska has been invited to write an article on Central American literature for a special issue of Studies in 20th and 21st Century Literature, edited by Arturo Arias. She was also invited to write an essay on Juan José Saer for a monographic volume dedicated to this author, to be published by the Secretariado de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Sevilla, Spain.

Professor María Hernández-Ojeda delivered a lecture entitled “Reescribir el Atlántico: Las escritoras del cruce Canarias-América”at Baruch College. Co-sponsored by The Feit Lecture Series and the Cuban Cultural Center of New York, March 25, 2011 at 6:30pm . For more information click HERE.

Professor Ender spoke on Proust and music, at a joint seminar with the musicologist James Melo at The Intermittencies of the Heart: Musical Embodiment of Love and Jealousy in Proust's À la recherche du temps perdu, at the CUNY Graduate Center in March 2011.

In February and March 2011 the Alliance Française hosted a film series that Professor Sam Di Iorio programmed with FIAF Curator Marie Losier: “Cinéma des Femmes: Perspectives on Women Filmmakers.” Filmmakers D.A. Pennebaker, Mia Hansen-Løve, and Jackie Raynal introduced certain screenings:

Professor Costa published the following three articles: “De qué color es la utopía”. 80 Grados (Revista digital, Puerto Rico) 4 de febrero de 2011 (; “Pimientos, papayas y orquídeas. La Granja Ecológica Comunitaria de Isla Verde”. Claridad. (1-7 abril 2010) p. 27. (Puerto Rico) and finally “Las armas molidas y demolidas a través de la poesía: Un acercamiento a la obra de Juan Ramírez Ruiz”.  28 de octubre de 2009

Professor Calabritto delivered a lecture at the Columbia Seminar in the Reinassance entitled “Five chronicles of the Barbieri murder: or, how to change perspective by addition and substraction.” Februrary 8th, 2011.

Professor Fischer published ¿Qué puede decir la poesía sobre la memoria de la violencia política?: Inri de Raúl Zurita", Anales de Literatura Chilena 13 (2010): 163-178.

Professor Sam Di Iorio moderated a discussion with celebrated actor and director Lou Castel at the Alliance Française on December 7, 2010  as part of a one-month retrospective of his work.

Professor Costa published the following book reviews: Rev. of Lugar. Antología y nuevos poemas by Dionisio Cañas. Revista de Occidente. 355 (December 2010), pp. 147-151. (Madrid, Spain); Rev. of  Notes of a New York Son (1995-2007) by Eric Darton. Frontera D. Revista Digital. January 2011, and Rev. of ¿Puede un computador escribir un poema de amor? Tecnorromanticismo  y poesía electrónica by Dionisio Cañas & Carlos González Tardón. LL Journal.  Vol. 5, No. 2 (2010)

Professor Paynter recently published the essay "Do Personagem ao Autor: Tendências dos Estudos Silonianos Da Última Década" in the book Ignacio Silone: ieri e oggi, edited by Patricia Peterle.

Professor Magdalena Perkowska’s article “Distopia social con fondo de ciudad: Managua, Salsa City (¡Devórame otra vez!), de Franza Galich” has been accepted for publication in Escrituras de la ciudad latinoamericana del siglo XXI, which will be published by Leiden University Press in June 2011.

Professor María Hernández-Ojeda's article “El espíritu del río: una novela transatlántica,” has been accepted for publication at Anuario de Estudios Atlánticos, forthcoming, n. 57, 2011.

At the MLA Convention at Los Angeles in January, Professor Ender organized and chaired the panel "'Persons and Things': Barbara Johnson's Legacy" (with presentations by Jonathan Culler, Deborah Jenson, Lee Edelman, and Judith Butler) and gave a presentation, entitled “Impressions Nocturnes: Frédéric Chopin and George Sand" at the invitation of the George Sand Association.

Professor Marlène Barsoum's article entitled  “Writing War and Peace in the Novels of Andrée Chedid" has been published in The Journal  of North African Studies vol. 15, Issue 4, December 2010.

Professor Ender's chapter "'Mon semblable, mon frère': Ballanche et Nerval autour d'Antigone" appeared in Adelphiques, Soeurs et frères dans la littérature française du XIXe siècle (Kimé, 2010).

Professor Magdalena Perkowska’s article "Los silencios elocuentes de Sergio Ramírez: la revolución nicaragüense en ¿Te dio miedo la sangre? y Sombras nada más" will be published in Las novelas de Sergio Ramírez: acercamientos críticos (Guatemala: F&G Editores, December 2010).

Professor Ender's chapter "Quelle place pour les femmes auteurs dans la tradition critique genevoise?" will appear in Les Femmes dans la critique et l'histoire littéraires (ed. Martine Reid.  Champion, forthcoming 2011). The publication of this book follows a one-day event organized by Martine Reid at the Bibliothèque de France in Paris, in March 2009, where a group of leading scholars in the area of French literature written by women were discussing their research. In that same context, Professor Ender organized "Publishing French Women Authors, Martine Reid and Domna Stanton, a Dialogue" at the CUNY Graduate Center (Oct. 2010)At the Nineteenth-Century French Studies colloquium at Yale (October 2010), Professor Ender gave a paper entitled "Transverser l'idée: Mallarmé, Tarde, Proust et la graphologie" and participated in the roundtable presentation of the recently published French Global: A New Approach of French Literary History (ed. C. McDonald and S. Suleiman, 2010). She has a chapter on poetry in that volume, entitled "Homesickness in an Expanding World: The Case of the Nineteenth-Century Lyric."

Professor Evelyne Ender presented a paper entitled "'The Laugh of the Medusa' and American Feminist Thought" at The Medusa Project: Celebrating The Laugh of the Medusa by Hélène Cixous at NYU in September 2010.

Professor Calabritto's article "Furore melanconico tra teoria e pratica legale" was published in the peer-reviewed journal _Study Storici: rivista trimestrale dell'Istituto Gramsci_ 51:1 (2010) 113-135. She also presented a paper entitled "Chronicles and Social Memory in Sixteenth Century Bologna" at the Annual Conference organized by the International Society for Cultural History on the topic "Cultural Histories: Close Readings, Critical Syntheses:, in Turku, Finland (May 2010) and she was also invited to give a lecture at the Universita degli Studi dell'Insubria, Como, Italy (May 2010 on the topic "Public and Private American Universities: Structure, Function and Access.

Professor María Hernández-Ojeda was invited to speak at the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, November 25, 2010. The title of her talk was “Cruces Ideológicos entre Canarias y Costa Rica a principios del siglo XX.”

Professor Marithelma Costa presented two books by Dionisio Cañas at the Cervantes Institute on October 22nd, 2010. The two titles are Lugar. Antología y nuevos poemas and ¿Puede un computador escribir un poema de amor? Tecnorromanticismo y poesía electrónica

The manuscript book entitled Emblems of Death in the Early Modern Period, co-edited by Professor Monica Calabritto and Peter Daly, has been accepted for publication by the Swiss publishing house Droz, for the series Cahiers d’Humanisme et Renaissance.

Professor Fischer recently presented a paper entitled "Metáforas de la desaparición del país en la poesía de la postdictadura" at the International Conference "Chile mira  a sus poetas" held at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, in Santiago, Chile.

Professor Magdalena Perkowska presented two papers in October: “Una nación imposible: el Bildungsroman e imaginarios culturales en El misterio de San Andrés, de Dante Liano”, at the Mid-America Conference on Hispanic Literature, St. Louis, MO, October  28-30, 2010;  and  “La infamia de las historias y la ética de la escritura en la novela centroamericana contemporánea”, at XXIX Latin American Studies Association International Congress, Toronto, Canada, October  6-9, 2010.

Professor María Hernández-Ojeda and Professor Germán Santana Pérez from Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria gave a lecture at the Bildner Center-Cuba Project (GC-CUNY) entitled "Beyond the Map: Transatlantic Ties between Cuba and the Canary Islands" in October, 14, 2010. For more information click HERE

Professor Magdalena Perkowska’s article "De la historia (narración) a la memoria (fragmento): la Revolución Sandinista en la obra de Susan Meiselas" was published in a peer-reviewed Journal Istmo. Revista virtual de estudios literarios y culturales centroamericanos 20 (Enero-Junio 2010).  

Professor Calabritto contributed with the introduction to The Hospital of Incurable Madness -L'Hospedale De' Pazzi Incurabili, translated by Daniela Pastina and John W. Crayton. Click HERE for more information.

Professor Fischer published the following three articles: Navegaciones y anclajes del antinerudismo", Nerudiana 7 (2009): 30-32.<> as well as  "Ficciones de Neruda: reflexiones a partir del personaje narrativo", Escritural 1. Ecritures d"Amerique latine  (March 2009) Poitiers, France. <>. Finally, "Elicura Chihuailaf  lee a Neruda: Todos los cantos/Ti kom vl", Hofstra Hispanic Review 10 (2009): 42-53.

Professor María Hernández-Ojeda recently published her manuscript Insularidad narrativa en la obra de Nivaria Tejera: Un archipiélago transatlántico. It was published by Verbum Publishing House in Madrid, Spain. Read HERE the book reviews.

Student James Hirsh (BA in Spanish, 2009) has been accepted to the Ph.D program at University of California-Irvine. He has been the recipient of the Chancellor's Fellowship, a very prestigious award given only to students with a high GRE score and an exceptional application record.   It is one of the most prestigious fellowships awarded at UC Irvine. The package includes Non Resident Tuition ($14,694) pays for all Non Resident Fees ($10,715.50) and provides the student with a first year stipend of ($18,000). Furthermore,it provides the student with a one year Dissertation Research stipend.  James will begin his graduate studies in the fall 2009.

Professor Maria Paynter's paper Dal personaggio all'autore: tendenze degli studi siloniani dell'ultimo decennio, has been accepted for publication in a volume on Ignazio Silone, ed. by Patricia Peterle, UFSC (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina), Florianopolis, Brazil, 20

Professor Marithelma Costa recently published the first edited edition of La Resaca, a novel by Enrique A. Laguerre. It belongs to the Clásicos Comentados de la Literatura Puertorriqueña collection, in Plaza Mayor Publishing House.

Professor Marithelma Costa also co-edited Ottavio Di Camillo's Medievalia Humanistica. Estudios sobre literatura española. Homenaje ofrecido por sus amigos y colegas with Professor Isaías Lerner. It was published in Salamanca by Seminario de Estudios Medievales y Renacentistas.