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In this page you will find frequently asked questions regarding the language requirement at Hunter College.

Q. I took two years of Spanish in my High School, so I should register for Spanish III but the system will not allow me.

A. You will not be able to register unless you see an adviser.  After s/he gives you permission in Esims, you will be able to register. Next semester, you will not need permission to register for the next level course.

Q. Do I need to take four semesters of language at Hunter College?

A. It depends. You need to fulfill the fourth semester level, but if you had three years of Spanish in High School, for instance, you only need one course to fulfill the language requirement. However, if you have not taken any previous high school or college courses in the subject, you will need to begin in Spanish 101.  Please click HERE to learn about the equivalencies system for French, Italian and Spanish at Hunter College.

Q. What is the sequence numbers for language courses?

A. (FRE) French              (ITAL) Italian           (SPAN) Spanish
Regular sequence: 101 (First semester), 102 (Second semester), 201 (Third semester), 202 Fourth semester
Intensive courses - 6 credits each: 103 (First and second semester), 203 (Third and fourth semester)
For Native Speakers of Spanish: 105 (First semester), 106 (Second semester), 207 (Third semester) 208 (Fourth semester).

Q. I have many questions for my language adviser and I need to speak with him/her. Should I bring any documents?

A. Yes. You should bring all documentation that pertains to your past language experience, mainly your High School transcripts and/or college transcripts (where you took the language courses).

Q. I took three years of French in High School. Will I receive credits for it?

A. No. Having studied languages in secondary school will give you an advantage to take a more advanced course, but you will not receive credit for it. Three years in High School are equivalent to three semesters at Hunter. Therefore, you will only need one more class (French 202).

Q. The course I need is already closed. Can I overtally?

A. No. You need to see an adviser in your language and s/he will add you to a waiting list.

Q. This is my last semester and I just found out that I need to fulfill my language requirement. What should I do?

A. You should not wait that long to see an adviser in the department of Romance Languages. Unfortunately, it is very likely that you will need to stay one or more semesters to fulfill the requirement.

Q. I took four years of High School Spanish and, therefore, I am exempt. However, this information does not show on Esims.

A. Your language adviser will look at your High School transcripts and verify that information. If it is correct (Junior High does not count), s/he will fill out the appropriate form to exempt you from the language requirement.

Q. I completed my High School studies in a Spanish-speaking country. Do I need to take any courses at Hunter?

A. No. If you have completed your four years of secondary school in a French, Italian or Spanish-speaking country, you are exempt. Please see an adviser and bring your official transcripts.