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Passport Program

In acknowledgement of our institutional home at Roosevelt House, and our unique position to benefit from the extraordinary environment of New York City, the Roosevelt Scholars participate in a shared Passport Program.

Roosevelt Scholars are required to attend two events, selecting these two programs each semester from among:

  • 1) evening programs at Roosevelt House and/or
  • 2) destination visits that Roosevelt Scholars make together, that are especially arranged exclusively for Roosevelt Scholars, and are identified as relating to our “Passport” Program

The first academic year that a student attends three evening events each term (i.e. six total for the year) they will be eligible to receive a sweatshirt. Sweatshirt distribution for the prior year takes place in early fall.

Roosevelt Scholar Events, including those that relate to the Passport Program, are listed on our website AT THIS LINK.

Once you have attended an event related to Passport, please submit your brief within 10 days AT THIS LINK.

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