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Honors Scholar Program Application

Directions and policies regarding the application to the Honors Scholar Program


The Fall 2020 freshman Honors Scholar Program application period has closed.

The Fall 2021 application will become available in September 2020.

Eligibility & Benefits

Honors Scholarships are open to all first-year Freshman applicants to Hunter College. In order to qualify for an Honors Scholar Program you must be admitted to Hunter College.

Only two scholar programs, Nursing and Daedalus, require students to major in the field associated with the subject of their cohort.  Daedalus Scholars must major in Computer Science and Nursing Scholars must major in Nursing. Scholars in any other program are allowed to explore any major they would like, whether it is related to the theme of their cohort or not. 

Scholars receive the following benefits while pursuing their bachelor's degree:

  • Merit scholarship* for eight semesters of full-time study**
  • Dedicated Academic Advisor for help creating academic plans, life skills, preparing you for internships, study abroad, and honors opportunities
  • Priority registration to allow you to register for classes early
  • Special programs including first-year seminar, events, and co-curricular activities to foster intellectual curiosity and connections with other students, faculty, and advisors
  • Priority access to a room in one of our residence halls for your freshman year
  • *-This scholarship requires annual completion of FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) even though the scholarship award is merit-based. If a student does not file a FAFSA, whether because of ineligibility or for any other reason, the student will lose the scholarship award but may still participate in the support and academic opportunities of the Program.
  • **-The scholarship is removed at the conclusion of the 8th term since the date of the first term attended. I.e. a student who started in Fall 2019 will receive the scholarship until Spring 2023.·A student’s continued participation in the Program requires maintaining status as a full-time student in good standing and compliance with the Program’s requirements, to the extent applicable, as set forth in the rules & terms agreement.


Scholars are chosen on academic merit based upon high school performance, SAT (or equivalence), outstanding achievements, and written responses to the Honors Scholars Application. Diversity, inclusiveness, and community engagement are considered factors in Honors Scholars selection, as characterized by application responses. When considering Macaulay Honors applicants, we review the supporting documentation you've already submitted along with your program preferences.  

All Hunter College, CUNY Freshman applicants are encouraged to participate in the Honors Scholar Program Application

Applicants to the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter must complete the Honors Scholar Program Application in order to be considered for the Honors Scholar Program. 

Macaulay reviewers may nominate you for a program. Applicants must apply to both the Macaulay Honors College and Scholar Programs. Students are assessed and considered for both programs separately, and applying to both will not impact admittance to either program in any way.

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