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Your academic journey includes very specific requirements needed in order to earn your degree. DegreeWorks is an innovative tool that helps you keep track of your requirements. If you have already declared your majors, minors and or certificate programs, these will populate in DegreeWorks. If you have not, you can use the What-If feature to create a new worksheet based on what you plan to study. Keep in mind that when using What-If, you must include everything from scratch i.e. majors, minors, certificates as the What-If will not carry over what you've already declared. 

DegreeWorks shows all your courses in progress in addition to the ones you've completed. All Hunter students must complete the Hunter Core, Hunter Language/Concentrated Study, Pluralism & Diversity, and Writing Intensive requirements. DegreeWorks shows you which requirements are outstanding and what courses can be taken towards those oustanding requirements.

Some important notes:

  • Students can receive a partial or full langugae exemption if they have prior knowledge of a language. Students who took four years of a language in high school should contact their Scholar advisor. Students who did not take four years but have background in a language are encouraged to take a language placement exam. The exam may exempt you from some or all of the required courses. However, an exemption does not earn you credit. The exempted credits turn into a Focus/Concentrated Study which you can complete using courses sharing the same department.
  • The Individuals & Society requirement entails two separate courses, 1 - Social Science and 1 - Humanities. Please be sure to review this carefuly on DegreeWorks.
  • Courses not being applied directly to a degree requirement will reflect uner Electives for Degree, these courses will help you reach the minimum of 120 credits you need to earn your degree.
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