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Degree Audit and Graduation FAQs

1. When should I apply for graduation?


SUMMER 2015 GRADUATION APPLICANTS: Summer 2015 graduation application cycle has closed. Please wait until the start of the fall 2015 semester for graduation application cycle to open again to submit your intent to graduate through your myHunter account. All processing of graduation applications are done online and communication from the Degree Audit Division will be sent to your email address. Paper Degree Audit Application Forms (DAAFs) are no longer used for graduation application.


STUDENTS FINISHING THEIR PROGRAM ON OR AFTER FALL 2015 TERM: Degree audit division is instituting a new early degree audit process which will no longer require the submission of a paper degree audit application. All School of Education students were emailed to their email accounts information about this. The early degree audit process begins in the student's penultimate semester and is NOT processed through CUNYfirst, but rather through your myHunter page. Submitting an intent is as simple as clicking a button. The early degree audit process will help you plan for your fall 2015 registration to ensure you meet your graduation requirements. Canceling your intent to graduate is also as simple as pressing a button, also done through your myHunter page.

If you missed the early degree audit graduation application cycle in your penultimate semester, you will have another opportunity in your final semester to submit an intent to graduate through myHunter. Please keep in mind that graduation application cycles do close so be aware of all deadline dates. If you missed your opportunity to apply for graduation or you are unable to complete your requirements for graduation, you will have to apply for graduation for the next semester.

Degree Audit Division is no longer back-dating graduation. Applications for prior terms will not be accepted. Please check on the School of Education's announcement section for deadline dates for degree audit application forms (DAAFs). See below if you are unable to complete the requirements of your program to graduate after you applied for graduation.


2. Can I apply for graduation online through CUNYfirst?

No. You file your intent to graduate through myHunter.


3. What is commencement?

Commencement is the ceremony to celebrate graduation. The date of commencement is not necessarily your graduation date, and this is usually not the date that your graduation will be officially posted by the Office of the Registrar. More information on commencement ceremony can be found on the Commencement page.


4. What do you mean by graduation posting? How does this affect recommendation for certification?

The Degree Audit Division of the Registrar's office is responsible for the final audit of your degree and they will officially post your graduation on your record. This means your record will show the degree conferred and the date of graduation. You can see this on your unofficial transcript from CUNYfirst. We cannot recommend you for certification until your graduation has posted. If you see your finals grades on your record but your degree has not yet posted, you can follow up with degree audit for the status of your degree posting.

For students applying for graduation on or after fall 2015, you will be able to see the status of your graduation application through your myHunter page.


5. Can I participate in spring commencement if I am taking my last course in the following summer?

If you take 6 or fewer credits in the summer, you are eligible for Hunter College spring commencement. If you take more than 6 credits, you may participate in the following fall commencement. In order to participate you must RSVP before the deadline date. There is no summer commencement ceremony. Visit the Commencement page for more details.

The School of Education holds one commencement ceremony at the end of the spring semester. All previous fall graduates, current spring and summer graduation applicants are invited to participant. All eligible students will receive an email in the spring semester with information and an invitation.


6. How do I know that my graduation has officially posted?

Log in to your CUNYfirst acount. Check your unofficial transcript (under Self Service -> Academic Records) to see your degree and date conferred.

If you have questions about your graduation status regarding your graduation, email


7. Will I be certified on time if I graduate in the summer?

Summer graduates are eligible for fall certification with a graduation date of September 1. Even if your graduation is posted after September 1, you are still eligible for fall certification. Students should take their final courses in the first summer session to avoid unnecessary delays in graduation and certification.


8. My graduation has not posted yet but I have finished everything. What should I do?

It takes time for Degree Audit to review all graduation applications, so please be patient. Contact Degree Audit via email at if you have specific questions about your graduation.


9. If I am graduating this semester, when do I need to complete my technology competencies, subject comp exams, portfolio and/or any IN grades I have?

Students are advised to complete all requirements no later than one month prior to graduation date, including DASA workshop, comp exams, portfolios or change of grades. Unresolved issues by the time of graduation will delay, or possibly cancel, your graduation and recommendations for certification. If you can, you should complete these requirements prior to your final semester. Keep in mind that if you submit work that is unacceptable, you must turn in acceptable work before graduation date otherwise you will not be eligible for graduation.


10. I applied for graduation but I will not finish everything on time. What do I do?

If you filed an intent to graduate through myHunter, you can cancel your intent through myHunter. You will need to submit another intent to graduate through myHunter for the semester you intend to graduate. You must also maintain matriculation for the semester in which you apply to graduate. You can do this by taking at course at Hunter College (or another CUNY college through e-permit) or paying the maintenance of matriculation fee. You only have to maintain matriculation in your final, graduation semester.

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