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General FAQs

1. Where do I find the schedule of classes?

From your CUNYfirst account under Self-Service → Class Search.

2. How do I register for classes?

All registration is done through your CUNYfirst account. The registrar has published Self-Service Guides to assist you through the registration process. If a particular class is full, you can add your name to the waitlist in the School of Education in Room 1000 West.

3. Can I take a course at another college?

Yes, you can. You would have to meet with your program coordinator to discuss whether the course is equivalent. If the course is approved, you must file an e-permit through CUNY Portal (not CUNYfirst) to take the course at another CUNY institution. If the course is taken outside of CUNY, you must submit a Permit to Attend Another College form. Visit the Registar's page for more information on taking a course on permit.


4. I have a course (or courses) taken at another college before attending Hunter College that I want to use towards my program’s requirements. What do I do?

If the course you took is a graduate course equivalent to a course in your program, you can request that the course be transferred into your current graduate record. Submit the Graduate Transfer of Credit Form with an official transcript to your program coordinator first. If approved, it will then be sent to the department and then the Dean for final approval. If the course is not equivalent to an existing course in your program or it is an undergraduate course, you can see if the course can count towards an exemption (if your program allows) or a waiver. Each program has a maximum number of credits that can be exempted or waived. Keep in mind that you have a minimum number of total credits for your program. If a course is waived, you must take another course with the same number of credits that is approved by your department. Submit the Exemption/Waiver form with supporting documents to Room 1000W.


5. If I am an undergraduate student and want to declare my major or minor in Education, what do I do?

You must first apply for admission to the School of Education. Applications are available online. The admissions process includes a writing sample and an interview process.


6. How do I satisfy an admission condition?

1) Complete an undergraduate course at Hunter or elsewhere in the subject in which you are conditioned. If you wish to take a course at Hunter College, you will need to get registration permission from the department offering the course. If you wish to take a course at another college, see above to question 3 about taking a course at another college.  

2) Take a College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exam in the subject in which you are conditioned and pass with a score of 50 or higher. There are CLEP exams in algebra, calculus, biology, chemistry, natural sciences, American history, American literature, French, German, and Spanish. For more information, go to the College Board web site.

3) You can satisfy a foreign language requirement by showing proof of three years of the same foreign language in high school with grades of “B” or higher, or proof of completion of grade 10 or higher in a high school where courses are taught in a language other than English.

4) You can satisfy a science requirement by taking an on-line course developed by the Museum of Natural History and offered for credit through the CUNY School of Professional Studies. Students can register through e-permit system on CUNY Portal. Recommended courses include “The Diversity of Fishes” and “In the Field with Spiders.” For more information, go to the School of Professional Studies web site

5) You can satisfy an admissions requirement with a score of 4 or 5 on an Advanced Placement (AP) exam in the subject for which you are conditioned, or documentation on your transcript of college credit for.


7. What do I do once I have satisfied my admission condition(s)?

Once you have satisfied your admission condition(s), please fill out the Admissions Conditions Request Form , attach an official transcript or score report, and bring it to the Office of Educational Services, Room 1000 West. You should email the admissions adviser if you took the course at Hunter College.


8. How do I change programs?

Students who wish to change program must reapply through the Office of Admissions by the official deadline. Students wishing to change from one track to another within their program should contact the Admissions Adviser.


9. How do I get readmitted to the School of Education?

Students who previously attended and wish to be readmitted need to complete a readmission application. The deadlines are: Fall - July 1st; Spring - December 1st; Summer - April 15th. A student with a GPA below 3.0 must apply for special permission for readmission on probation in Room 1000 West.


10. Whom should I contact if I have more questions or would like to speak with an admissions advisor?

Contact an Admissions Adviser for the School of Education by email or by phone: 212-772-4668


11. I have a negative service indicator (STOP) on my record and cannot register for courses or order transcripts. What do I do?

Click on the link on your CUNYfirst account to see how you resolve the stop on your record.

If you have an SED stop, you should email the Office of Educational Services to resolve the issue. You may need to show proof of certification or complete your course(s) so that you have one or fewer INC grades.

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