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Cover Letter Suggestions


You should address the cover letter to the Principal unless there is someone listed for Recruitment.  If you are responding to a job posting, follow the directions given in the posting.


Introduce yourself as a Hunter College graduate of a specific program.  State how something in your program has prepared you to engage children in this school by linking it to information about the school. 
For example: 
•    Reading your mission and philosophy statements was like reading my own beliefs about education.  I have a clear understanding of the meaningful application of constructivist learning (and then go into it a bit more).


Talk about yourself.  If you are bilingual, say it.  If you know how to meaningfully infuse technology throughout the curriculum, say it.  This is the place where you show how you want to use your skills and interests to enhance the whole school environment. 
For example:
•    As a career change teacher I will be able to use my experience as an accountant to create and engage children with real world math applications and challenges.


Reinforce your interest in the School because of a specific reason (i.e. school population, philosophy).  Also, reinforce why you would be a good colleague and contribute to the whole school environment.


If the letter is responding to a position posting, say you will call at a certain time to make sure they received this information.  If the letter is to get more information about the school or for them to consider you for future positions, say you hope to hear from them in the near future.  

See Sample Letter for example.


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